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Phenolic--router speed?

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  • Phenolic--router speed?

    I will be routing phenolic (Grade XX) and was wondering if I should dial the router speed down a little and how fast to go? I will be using a 1" rabbiting bit. Does anybody have any experience routing phenolic?

    My machinists handbook was little help with this. It basically says don't go too fast or too slow [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks, -Robert

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    This is my experience after routing the phenolic sheet (Garolite grade XX) for reference in case it helps someone down the road.

    Full router speed is appropriate.

    Feed rate is much higher than wood (~2 times). I started at a normal feed rate and the phenolic started to burn/melt. I increased the feed rate to as fast as I could and still feel in control of the plunge router. I was going at about twice or more of a normal (wood) feed rate and this produced a very clean cut.

    I removed 1/8"x1/4" of material in each pass. I would not recommend much more than this because of the high feed rate and hardness of phenolic. With this amount of material removal and a 2.25 hp router I felt the router working to keep the speed up at such a high feed rate.

    The phenolic routed very easily and gave a PERFECT cut with no chipout. The final product is as good as aluminum machined in a CNC machine. I definitely recommend phenolic material. I hope this helps someone down the road [img]smile.gif[/img]