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help :) looking at ts 2424

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  • help :) looking at ts 2424

    hi all
    i am looking at the ts 2424 at my local HD but i need to be able to cut 42+ inched to the right of the blade...... can i just set the fence rails that comes with the saw al the way to the right so i can make the cuts or is the a aaccesory kit that i can get for the saw that can extend the fence to my needs. i will be using this saw to mainly cuting plywood and some of my cuts must be wide... all the saws that i looked at are only 24 to 30 inches to the right of the blade ...
    thanks for your help guys

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    I have the ts2424 and did exactly what you are talking about. I just moved the rails over more to the right since I never use the fence on the left side. I moved mine over far enough to achieve about 38.5 inches to the right; I just went out and looked at mine and there is no reason I see why I couldn't have went to 42" or even more, I was just shooting for 36" and gave myself a little error margin. Be prepared: I did have to drill new holes in the left extension for the bolts to support the left side of the front & aft rails since the old bolt holes were way out on the end now. But, that's not too big a deal, 5 minutes of work there. Also, you will need something to support between the front & aft rails way out to the right. This comes with the whole new fence that ridgid sells, but you can buy it seperately online for like $15 (incl S&H). That's what I did and it works great!!
    P.S. Don't forget your going to need a new tape measure. or has them.

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      hi there ccj

      i just bought the TS 2424 from sears for about 150 less that HD sells it for...then i bought the router table extion kit that sears sells and put it to the end of the table ext. which gave me the suport that i need between the rails and also gave me some more table space as well...

      i bought that table ext. for 70 bucks sence i was buying the saw the guy gave me a brake on the table ext.. and now i got a router table as well

      i love this set up.. and it works great....

      just to let u know


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        Brian, are you sure you bought a
        Ridgid TS2424 from Sears? Ridgid has an exclusive agreement with Home Depot. Sears does not sell Ridgid Table saws.

        Emerson/Ridgid stopped making equipment for Sears several years ago


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          Cool idea. Never even occured to me that sears would make such an extention. But now that you say it, makes sense; the rigid ts 2424 and sears' equivalent saw are pretty similar, 'specially the fences. Do you remember what the model # of the router extention kit was so I can go to sears & take a look see?
          oh, yeah; how far over did you end up positioning your rails? how big a cut can you take now?
          thanks for the info and idea.


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            rite now i got the rails to cut up to a 36 inch to the left and 12 to the right and i can do more if i need to...

            and the saw i got is the same as the 2424 but it says craftsman on it and the cataloge # is 22849N and the router table extintion # is 25351....

            all i did is add legs to the end of the table to keep it from tipping over if some on leaned on the end...

            i will post some pics tomarrow for anyone that wants to do the same...

            thanks brian