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where to buy blades for ridgid 14 band saw

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  • where to buy blades for ridgid 14 band saw

    I just purchased an new ridgid at Home Depot and there selection of blades sux.

    I'm looking for the one that ridgid reccomends for metal cutting as this is what I plan on doing with it. (aluminum) 18 - 20 tpi I beleive.

    Tried searching all over the web and
    came across this forum in desperation.

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    Hi, and sorry that we are your last hope

    RTFM (Read The Fine Manual) and discover your blade length and the maximum blade width the BS can use. I can't help you there as I don't have a Ridgid BS.

    Once you know the blade size and width you can buy blades from anywhere. If you did search the net then you came across many online woodworking sites which carry band saw blades. If as you say the BS1400 Manual recommends to use a 18-20 TPI blade for non-ferrous metals then you pretty much know all you need to make a purchase.


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      93 or 93.5 I think is the length of the blade. I added a riser so I use 105" now. 93 is a pretty common size


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        Thanks for responding so fast. Yes. the length is 93.5 inch I believe. I haven't even un crated it yet. i just thought id buy the "factory" ridgid blade, at least to start. But if I can find that length at other places I guess that's be fine.
        Much appreciation



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          The last thing you want on that saw is a ridgid blade, it will make you think your new saw is a POS. You want a timberwolf or Viking. If you cant find the locally you can order from LV
          LV BS BLADES


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            The timberwolf blades can be ordered directly from , but I'm not sure how good their bimetal blades are.

            Give them a call and tell them what you intend to cut and they will recommend a blade for you.

            Bob R


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              Just about any blade for a standard Asian 14" BS should fit. I'd check into some blades by Woodslicer, Olsen, or Timberwolf. Even the Vermont American BS blades I've used have been acceptable and are at least available lots of places.