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    From Emerson's quarterly report released today.

    Look for a paragraph about 3/4 of the way down the page:


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    Well.... My first impression is "That su#%s". It could explain Jake's departure. Hopefully they will be replaced with quality products. Time will tell.



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      I foresee the demise of Ridgid as we know it, contracted out to the lowest bidder and there goes the quality. Lets hope I’m wrong, but I can’t imagine a “quality” tool maker purchasing a license to manufacture tools under the Ridgid name to compete against their own established name.



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        Here's the major news without reading the whole thing like I did:

        Emerson has made the strategic business decision to discontinue the manufacture of bench top and stationary woodworking power tools and to work with The Home Depot on options to secure supply for Home Depot.
        What does this mean for my warranty options now that I have a Bandsaw, Table saw, drill press, jointer, and 12" CMS? Hmmm, send me one extra of every tool so that I can remove parts as they go bad. Guess I'm a little Pi$$ed off now that I own so many Ridgid tools.


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          Is this what they meant last month when it was said manufacturing was being sent overseas?
          I can see it now, HF tools and Ridgid side by side on the assembley line.
          Rob Johnson
          Orange, Ca.

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          Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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            "Emerson has made the strategic business decision to discontinue the manufacture of bench top and stationary woodworking power tools and to work with The Home Depot on options to secure supply for Home Depot. Emerson has developed a program to license the RIDGID brand to top manufacturers to fulfill Home Depot's future requirements. Emerson remains fully committed to its RIDGID brand. RIDGID's reputation for quality and the distribution of RIDGID woodworking power tools through Home Depot is important to both Home Depot and Emerson. Emerson will continue supporting the full RIDGID line and will remain a significant manufacturer of RIDGID wet/dry vacuums, hand tools, and other products for Home Depot.

            Emerson values its ongoing relationship with Home Depot, and this agreement will help ensure that the RIDGID brand continues to play a strong role in Home Depot's success. Emerson also expects the full RIDGID program to continue to make significant contributions to the company's revenues. This decision has no effect on Ridge professional contactor and plumbing tools, which is a separate Emerson business."
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              Well just says that the almighty dollar carries more weight than loyal customer following. John Deere did the same thing - They sold all their loyal customers for years and went the yuppie route, and to think I just bought an EB this last Sunday.I speak with some thought about John Deere because they replaced all the old employees that made the service,warranty,and customer loyalty with yuppies that didn't know a bolt from a tire,let alone a tractor from a combine. r Sorry for the thoughts guys but it just hits home a little to close. Howdy, Big good to here from ya!!!


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                If you read further in the financial report you will see that Ridgid intends to continue to support their customers and current/past products.

                If you think about it what is to go wrong with your TS or DP. Bearings and motors are generally available. Castings should never break and I imagine that consumable parts like planer blades will always have a market.

                It is sad to see this happen to such a great company. I suspect that HD's lackluster marketing had more to do with the lack of sales than a poor market.



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                  maybe now we know why the displays at the box are so crapy the box tops new something the rest of us pee- ons didnt and now we get s--- on


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                    It is sad to see this happen to such a great company. I suspect that HD's lackluster marketing had more to do with the lack of sales than a poor market.
                    Now that I think about it, if the displays were better taken care of and products were well stocked by HD, do you think they cold have sole just 2 more of each product per store per month? Wow, 30-40,000 more of each tool out the door each year. Something tells me that there was money to be made, but it wasn't capitalized upon.


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                      I'm with Mike.
                      I've read too many posts where people has gone with another brands because of the lack of HD and it's associates knowledge, care, or upkeep.

                      You can't blame Emerson for making a sound business decission to keep growth in the business. You can however point fingers at reasons for lack of sales that prompted this decission.

                      After all, Emerson made machinery for Sears for years. Those who have visited Sears, you know how they promote what they sell, and upkeep displays.

                      Someone posted once, "Isn't HD a self serve?"
                      If Sears was a self serve, I don't think Emerson would have stayed with them as long as they did.

                      The fact HD opens early, stays open late, and is open 7 days a week is why a relationship with Emerson is favored, capturing that perticular market. Emerson obviously has capitalized on the professional market.

                      Woodworking is an Elite market, with picky purchasers that want's answers and info on the product. If they can't get it, they think it's not worth buying if no one knows about it. I think putting an Elite product in a self serve marketing place was a unwise decission to begin with, but that's what made it affordable to us all. Now we all have to pay the price.

                      If the MS1290 is product of other than Emerson's, I don't think we have to worry about quality. I played with the thing again today at lunch as the jobsite was 1 mile from a HD. Ridgid's machinery is a entry/contractor level, affordable. With ultra precission comes a price. The table saw top doesn't look like chrome like a Powermatic's, nor does it have the price. Though I'm slowly getting my saw to look like a Powermatic just not gold.
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                        So, Rigid is going to follow the Sears model. Lowest bid production licensed under the Rigid brand isn't what anybody wants. Look what it has done for Sears. The almighty dollar speaks volumes, customers are only as valuable as the last thing they bought last quarter.

                        Too bad. The Rigid brand will suffer and the unsuspecting will buy at HD thinking they are getting an Emerson product.
                        Mike<br /><br />We\'re lost, but we\'re makin good time!


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                          The avarage HD shopper doesn't know who makes the tool. There shopping price and name brand.
                          I saw this first hand last weekend while buying my MS1250. Another guy was looking at MS's and picked the Ryobi. His purchase sure wasn't based on quality. He saw a name he knew at a price he could afford, and I'm sure his new saw will serve him well. 99% of the people buying Craftsman have no idea there made by Ryobi. They just know the Craftsman brand as one they can trust.
                          Woodworkers who know better will be the one's to suffer if the quality slips. Like an earlier post said, who's going to put out a contracted product better than there name brand?
                          Rob Johnson
                          Orange, Ca.
                          Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                            How sound can you call a business decision like that when all they had to do was touch base with this board to find out what people thought about HD as the only source for Ridgid woodworking products? No, I can't even begin to call that a sound business decision.
                            After some thought on that matter, I guess that I will just have to start procuring another line of products. Will I miss the warranty? You bet, but I have to wonder about the leadership of ANY company that would address the manufacture and support of their product, which was way above the norm, and not the merchandising of them, which needs to be improved drastically. Don't get me wrong, I will pay attention to the situation and if things start to look up, I will have no problem coming back, but until that time...


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                              Isn't that just my luck?! I picked a brand that was good quality merchandise, good warranty and that I felt would be with me for the long haul. I'm not so sure now. How many customers will feel betrayed? Of course, I should have known that picking a brand with a single source (HD) was risky.

                              I have a TS2424 and just recently received a Rigid 12" Compound Miter saw from my terrific wife as a gift. I love the fit and finish and the ease with which I can fine-tune the saws. And the fact that they are NOT filled with PLASTIC PARTS!! I have been thinking of upgrading my TS2424 with some after-market accessories but now I'm starting to think about getting rid of the table saw and looking at other brands. I'll have to think about that for a while. It will depend on how much further I want to advance my woodworking hobby.

                              I don't care for any of the Craftsman stuff (other than their mechanics hand tools), I've owned a lot their power tools and I have always been less than satisfied. Even when I know the manufacturer, I still prefer to buy the actual brand name as I always get a cheaper price than with the "Craftsman" name on it.

                              But I can tell you and the Rigid execs one thing, if the Rigid brand becomes just more sweatshop-quality imported garbage like so many others, you can bet your whole workshop along with its contents that I will never buy another from Rigid.

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