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Gluing Stained Wood

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  • Gluing Stained Wood

    I’m building a octagon planter (21" dia x 12" tall) for the corner of my deck. I used regular 2x4 stock & it will consist of 8 layers totaling 64 pieces that are connected by 45 degree lap joints. I plan to use a oil based stain & I would like to stain all the pieces before assembling it. I will be assembling it with a nail gun but for added strength I would like to also add glue to the joints & between layers!

    What type of glue (if any) would be good for wood that’s been stained with an oil based stain?

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    Re: Gluing Stained Wood

    if you dont stain the part that is going to be glued you should be ok with titebond iii. Use blue painters tape to cover the sections where you plan to glue, and you should be ok from there.