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  • AC9933

    When will these be available and where?
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    These should be available in the Home Depot stores now. They are also available at



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      I have one and its the best thing since sliced bread. Very sturdy and stable yet folds flat for easy storage. While the top isn't a roller top, it is very slick and adds very little drag. The top can be either locked in place upright or left in the "pick up" position which really works if the outfeed sag isn't too extreme. Very simple and very innovative.
      Nice job Ridgid!!!!!!

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        I picked up two today and worked with them all day. I was very impressed with how smooth they operate. Guess the roller vises will stay in the corner awhile...


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          Sunday, when I picked up my saw I also wanted to buy one of the new roller stands I had seen a write-up on in one of the WW magazines. The HD I usually shop at didn't have any and everyone I talked to looked at me like I had a third eye when I was trying to explain just exactly what they were. They had the regular adjustable height roller stands but none of the new ones with the tilting head. you'd think that the stores in as large a market as Houston would at least keep the new stuff stocked.


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            just got 2 of the ac9933 (fliptop support) today. my problem right now is that the garage floor is not level so the top of the support is not level also. anybody have any idea on how to remedy this situation? i was thinking of building 2 platforms with levelers and place the ac9933 on the platforms. but i'm hoping that somebody might have some other easier solutions. thanks.

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              what are shims shingles.
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