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User Comments Re. Sawdust Collection on SCMS1290LZ

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  • User Comments Re. Sawdust Collection on SCMS1290LZ

    I still havent purchased the SCMS as I have been waiting to see more comments from you folks. The only negative comments that I have seen reported so far have had to do with:
    (a)the positioning of the laser beam in relation to the actual cut, and
    (b)the saws ability (or inability) to pick up saw dust as well as other brands of CMS or SCMS.

    I have also noticed on the local display that there is a fair bit of lateral play (about 1/16 to 1/8 inch) at the leading edge of the saw blade when the slider is extended as far forward as it goes (to cut a 12-13 inch wide piece of lumber. Is this considered a show stopper if one wants accurate cuts?

    When I look at the schematic of parts in the on-line users guide, there does not appear to be any type of plastic cup at the rear lower edge of the blade cowling so the space between the table surface and the dust pick up on the cowling looks like it would be excessive.

    Is there an attachment (plastic piece) like there is on the PC 12 inch CMS? The Ridgid SCMS that is on display at the local HD doesnt have such a piece.

    Dust pick up will be an important aspect for me as I have a relatively small space for a shop. In addition, the laser guides on the PC CMS seem to provide a lot closer (or right on the cut) indicator for both sides of the blade. The PC is a lot cheaper but doesnt cut to the width max that the Ridgid SCMS is capable of cutting. The extra width of cut on the SCMS would best be described as a *nice to have* feature from my perspective.

    I know that Im comparing apples to oranges BUT what would you do if dust collection, (assumed) accurate laser guides and lateral play in the miter angle turn out to be the nature of the beast for the SCMS1290LZ?

    I would like to have your feelings on this as the Ontario HD has a 1 year no interest no payment program running until 16 November.

    Thanks and regards,
    Chris [img]smile.gif[/img]
    Chris Berg

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    Chris---I know nothing about SCMSs except that they are very expensive---- ----I opted for a DeWalt 12" 705 which is great as to accuracy. But, sawdust---forget it. The collection bag is worthless----I could do more good standing at the rear with an open sandwich bag. The closest I've come is placing a wide DC box type such as is sold for lathes---this does a decent job---gets about 75% of the dust, but it wouldn't work on a slider----as the slider needs too much clearance to move backward.

    If I were you, I'd try looking at some magizine reviews on CMSs and see if there are other brands with better DC---otherwise, you'll be better off building a large catcher type unit, but again, of doubtful effectiveness with a slider.


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      You may want to go to to read the review. The Ridgid is not in that because it was not made yet. I have used many miter saws and now have a 12" DeWalt CMS and a Makita LS1013 SCMS. They also liked the Makita best,it has no play and is very accurate. I see no reason for a laser on a scms since you can position the blade along the cut line, I added a laser to the CMS because you can not do that. Dust is a problem on all miter saws. I have a "big dust hood " sold by pennstate industries mounted on a flip top ridgid stand using spring clip type clamps and using the lock pin.

      [ 11-13-2003, 05:45 AM: Message edited by: Andrew Benedetto ]


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        Thanks, Dave and Andrew, for your comments! [img]smile.gif[/img]

        Chris Berg