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Dado blade for the TS3612?

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  • Dado blade for the TS3612?

    What size dado blades can I use for the TS3612. 7", 8"? What should I look for when shopping around for a good dado blade?

    What is the advantage of a 8" vs. a 7" dado blade?

    What is the maximum cut wide I can achieve with the dado blade on a TS3612?

    - Jimmy

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    the advantage of 8" over 7" is that you can cut deeper dados. If you aren't going to cut dados deeper than 1" a 6" dado would be fine. I would get the best set you can afford. I actually got my 8" stack set off of Ebay for $22.00. It looks like the same set they sell at woodcraft for $54.95.
    I have cut quite a few dados with it and I haven't been disappointed thus far. You really want a stack Dado set. I have seen that the adjustable dado cutters (wobble blades) tend to arc a bit on the bottom of the wider dados. I believe that most dados have a max width of 13/16"


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      I've have experience only with the Freud Super Dado and am satisfied with it. One really nice thing is the case it comes with. I did not think it was important until after using it for a while. Then I realized where would I store all those chippers safely!

      One other tip. I do not have a dust collection system and when I change blades I always put a piece of drywall under the saw to catch any blades I may drop. I did drop a chipper once but fortnately, it landed on one of the protrusions that are not sharp. Since then, I keep a scrap of drywall handy.

      Best regards,



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        The maximum width is never an issue with a dado blade, since you can achieve any width by making multiple passes. I know some people like to cut them in multiple passes so they can "sneak up" on final size. This is especially true in plywood, since the thickness is not always as labeled.

        I have the 6" Freud stacked dado and it does a great job. I had an adjustable one and gave it away because of the uneven bottoms it produced.

        Bob R