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    I want to build a home theater in my basement. The raised platform i need to build for the second row of seating will be 10" taller than the basement floor. Some websites dedicated to home theater construction state that the carpeting should be removed and the frame should sit on the concrete floor, another said it was o.k. to build the frame on top of the carpeting. Need advice.

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    Re: home theater

    One issue that I can see with building on top of the carpet is the potential for mold growth. Since this is a basement and the carpet is on concrete it may absorb moisture and since the platform will prevent air flow the potential for mold is high.
    If you remove the carpet and build on the concrete use PT wood or wrap the bottom plate with vapour barrier (same as you would for basement framing)


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      Re: home theater

      Wbrooks is right, you should remove the carpet. Also, try putting some insulation in the riser to cut down on the hollow sound you can get from them.

      For a good forum website for all things home theater, try You'll see they have a whole section on theater construction.