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  • Bueller?? Anyone??

    Please, I really need some help on this. I posted a request for advice on making half-blind dovetails a week ago and have received zero responses. I would sincerely like to be more of a "giver" and be able to offer helpful advice to others more often, but my level of experience is not quite up there yet so I am occasionally a "taker" by asking for help and relying on the experience of others so as not to have to re-invent the wheel. I do own a Ridgid 13" Planer and a 6-1/8" Ridgid Jointer, if that makes a difference, and am a big fan of and have been reading this forum for the last 2 years. Here was my original question:

    I just purchased a PC 4112 half-blind dovetail jig. It comes with a 1/2" diameter, 14-degree bit with a 1/2" cutting length. The dovetails produced using this bit appear to me to be rather small and shallow. I read an excellent article by Jack Loganbill that stated you could create more robust-looking dovetails by using different cutter options. My question is this - given the same thickness of board, what affect will it have on the resulting dovetails to go with a cutter having a longer cutting length or a different angle (10-degree or 8-degree, for example)?? I am a total novice at this and can't afford to buy several bits and go through trial and error. I need y'all's advice to give me a general idea of how to choose the appropriate bit to produce the desired result.


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    You must not have checked back on your original post, because I posted to it a few days ago.

    Bob R


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      Thanks, Bob. I saw what you had written, but you had said that you have not tried using any bit other than the one supplied with the unit and therefore couldn't provide any insight on what results I could expect from using other bits. I re-posted because I was hoping that someone else might also be able to offer some advice.