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  • Cabinet for RAS

    I was looking at my RAS the other day and thought, "there sure is alot of wasted space under that thing". So, i commenced to design a cabinet upon which to mount the machine instead of the leg set and huc-u-lift it is now on. Every thing is working out fine. It will be on casters and roll back nicely into a "nook" in the workbench. There is plenty of storage in the cabinet for sawblades, dados, etc. However, I am making the cabinet deeper then the original metal base under the cutting table. This means that I have to extend the rod and crank mechanism about 5 or 6 inches forward to protrude beyond the front of the cabinet. Anyone have any ideas regarding this extension? I have thought about making a sleeve and brazing/welding the extension and sleeve onto the original shaft, and fitting a bearing of some sort into the face of the cabinet through which this extencion will fit. But, if I braze/weld this mechanism, It will be difficult to dismantle in the future. I'm open for suggestions...unless someone out there want to make something and send it to me. I look forward to advise.
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    This rod that you want to extend: is it threaded on the end? If not, can it be threaded? If so you could use a threaded rod nut to attach it to a threaded extension rod or really long bolt. Make sense? [img]smile.gif[/img]

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      I think you will find that the crank is underset on the table so it is not in the way for cutting. Sticking out past the table top would be a significant safety hazard. I have eyed the same idea many many times. I have not actually set down to do a plan on it, just some rough sketches. You will also find the cabinet will be in the way for your feet.

      If you look at the manual, and view the position in which they advise to plant your feet, you will find the cabinet will be in the way. The reason for this is because if the saw grabs the wood, in the direction the blade turns, it will come right at you. Leaning over at this point puts you off balance. The crank handle may catch your clothing and hold you in the path of the blade. You will be off balance and have less control over the saw, especially at angle cuts.

      I would suggest mounting the saw base so the cabinet is even with the front of the base and not extending the crank. This is the way I drew my sketches I have made. I would use larger casters to keep the base up off the floor to insure you toes would not get caught in a mishap.

      It looks to be a bit of wasted space to sit the cabinet back that far, and harder to access. But it would be easier with both hands and all 10 fingers at least.
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        Lorax, the rod is not round on the end. Its been flattened on one side to accept the crank handle and set screw. However, that does give me an idea...I'll check the other end to see how it is attached to the mechanism. In the mean time, I'm leaning toward an extension that is attached using a sleeve and set screw. I checked it last night. I'll probably only need about 3 to 4 inches.

        Woody, thanks for the input. I will keep the handle under the table.
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