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Same old 2400 vs. 2412 Debate w/a twist

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  • Same old 2400 vs. 2412 Debate w/a twist

    One last question.

    I have been reading all the posts in this forum section on the 2412 table saw vs. the 2400 bench saw and have one last question.

    The cost different between the two saws has been minimal, ~$500 vs. ~$600. I am tight on money and for the next few years, space. Limited to 10x10 in basement and all the space I want in the driveway (I don't have space to rip full sheets of anything in the basement, long boards yes)

    Well when Home Depot recently had their 40% off super sale. The stores near me had the 2400 for sale at $300 (w/o the stand). Since I have been longing for a table saw and have many projects I want to do, I jumped at the chance. I have used it only a little bit thus far and even did some dado work, seams to horse through with ease.

    My question is.......What are your opinions on the 2400 vs. 2412 debate when there is such a large cost difference. I guess I'm questioning if I should try and squeeze the 2412 into my small space? My wife has agreed to let me spend the extra money in the future f0r a new saw when we get the space.

    All opinions are welcome, and I hope you don't find this question too redundant.

    Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.

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    I have the TS2400, and I am very pleased with what it can do. I am new to woodworking and I didn't do a lot of research before buying it. I payed $360.00 for it without a stand. I made my own stand out of 2 x 6's that I got from Home Depot for nothing (they where going to throw them away). All the adjustments are very easy to understand and do. Would I recommend it YES, would I like to have the TS2424 YES. I think I can sell this saw for what I payed for it. So when I'm ready to move up and have the extra $300.00 I'll make the purchase.

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      Redline, It sounds like you got a good deal on the TS2400, all I can say is Happy Sawing!


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        I have the 2400 and am happy with the purchase. I bought it with the stand with mobility in mind. I do some side jobs for friends and can load it on my pickup by myself. I made several jigs and have set up the saw with outfeed and side extensions to give me greater capability at home. With time, effort and care I can do cabinet grade work with this saw or any lesser saw (my grandfather had less to work with). The saw stays true and has needed little or no adjustment since July '01. I think you'll be happy with it once you make up some jigs and feed tables.


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          Redline - Sounds like a great deal. One of my friends has the 2400 and he enjoys it. I think you will find that it will do almost anything you require of it.



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            Thanks everyone for your replys. I'm glad to see others are satisfied with their decisions about the 2400.

            I do indeed enjoy the saw and based on a posting for the 2400 that I saw with regards to intial set-up (using precision calipers and taking your time), I was able to get the blade with .0015" front to back and I'm getting beautiful cuts. Bond quality.

            I'm still working on a design for a simple rolling cabinet that locks down. Only problem is the saw is so light that I need to use low durometer wheels so it "sticks" to the floor and won't slide when cutting larger pieces. I have some good ideas and I'll post the finished product.

            I've also got some ideas for a simple router insert to drop in the space created when the table in extended to the right for 24" cuts.

            Boy, so many great ideas so little time.

            Thanks again everyone.
            Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.