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Dadonator? Anybody used one?

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  • Dadonator? Anybody used one?

    Have anything good or bad to say about this 8" dado set from Infinity Tools?

    Outer blades are 24 tooth and chippers are 6 tooth design. 8.5 lb total weight for the full stack! That oughta put a 1.5 HP motor to the test huh? ~ $180.00

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    Well I anm surprised that no one commented on this dado set, especially as popular as the whole topic has been lately. Guess the Dadonator is news to everyone huh?


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      I have to admit, I don't remember seeing it before. I have eyed the photo quite a few time trying to decide upon the raker shape if it's a well thought out design, or other motive.

      Obviously I have not used it, so I could not comment. According to the cost you would expect precission and accurracy at a minimul effort in set up.

      I too would be interest in personal reviews upon this stack, while I gander at the Infanity Site.

      I'd like to see a dado with 40 tooth cutters for ultra fine crosscut dado's. 24 teeth seams more of a rip cut to me. But I guess that's what scoring is for and a 25k euopean combo machine!

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        Looks like the avenger Dado blade. There's a very informative review on the Avenger Dado on woodnet forums today. Guy who wrote it was very objective and has used dado blade for a year.



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          Just took a quick tour around the Infanity site. Like the fact that they claim products are American Made!!! Bookmarked the site for many return trips for reading. Like the knives made of German steel. About 10% more than Knives from Ridgid. Router bits will take a bit more than a glance to deciffer. But willing to bet when tax refund $ comes back I'll try a few!

          Thank you much Bob for the link through the photo properties. Glad you asked, glad you posted. Glad my curriosity made me look!

          Did I mentioned I ordered the FREE catalog?

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            A few things to note from the review. The 20 degree ATB and negative hook angle will produce excellent results on difficult materials like thin veneer and malamine but the trade off is the blades will dull significantly faster than the majority of dado blades with a lesser ATB. I would suggest a Freud SD508 for those who do the majority of their work in hardwood.
            The other point is that they note that the blade cuts 0.005 over size. It may seem somewhat anal to worry about 5 thou but you can notice it in a joint. If no one cared about 5 thou they would not include 2 5 thou shims in the kit. It is nice that they include a 3/32 chipper so you can substitute it for an 1/8" chipper and shim to necessary width. The 3/32 chipper is also great for plywood which is 1/32 under stated width.
            No storage case
            For $20 more I would go with the SD508 which has a very nice case


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              While the Router Bits are made in USA (Florida, I believe), I read the Dadonator is made in Italy. Everything I’ve read about any Infinity products has been all praise.