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    Blade stopped last night in 3inch oak, have had the 2424 since Dec with pretty regular use, I am assuming my blade needs to be sharpened, Sound right to you guys? I like the idea given below of a collection of blades for different materials, any suggestions on a good beginning set?

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    3 inch oak is certainly the ultimate test! Blade sharpness, feed rate, pitch build-up and proper blade/fence/gauge alignment are all contributing factors. Should have a good quality combo blade, but addition of rip blade, plywood/laminent blades would be at top of my list as well.


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      I had a similar experience last weekend, but I was cutting 5/4 hard maple. I was very amazed that when the blade stopped neither the breaker on the motor of the panel popped. Is this a problem. Shouldn't one of the 2 breakers popped off.


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        When a blade stops it will not necessarily pop a breaker. The overload on the motor is thermal overload so it will not go until there is enough heat.

        As far as stopping the blade goes, first with thick stock you cannot cut anywhere near the feed rate you can with 1x stock. Second, when cutting that deep a cut, any alignment problems will show up. Double check the alignment. Finally make sure you're using a ripping blade. Too many teeth and there is no room for the chips go.



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          I have to second Jake's recommendation. Last week I was cutting some 1x maple and my saw was struggling a bit. I changed the blade thinking it was dull, but same result. I then check the fence alignment - it was off about 1/32". Not much, but certainly enough to cause the wood to bind between the blade and fence. Another good indication that there is a problem is burn marks on the wood. This should not occur on a properly setup saw with a good blade.



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            Another thing is were you using a splitter. Oak that thick can have alot of internal pressure. If you are not using a splitter the wood can pinch the blade causing it to stop.
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