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Need to sell TS 3612

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  • Need to sell TS 3612

    I need to sell Ridgid 3612 with installed BenchDog router table (on the right!)with a fence. Could someone suggest the best way of selling it? I'm located in New Jersey. I guess, whoever is interested would need to pick it up. By the way, I have a bunch of add-ons and other tools. Thanks.

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    What else do you have? I'm sure there are people right here to unload tools on. If you list model #'s, condition, asking price, maybe pic's, you could get rid of some of it. UPS and Fedex are good for smaller items than the 3612. Why are you selling?


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      please contact me. I send you an e-mail at your listed e-mail address. I am in the philly area and abotu to buy this saw, maybe we can work something out.

      thank you!

      jac cottrell


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        Thanks Andrew.

        I'm selling because I have to. And not just the TS3612, but all of my workshop. Here's the list:

        -Ridgid TS 3612 that's about 6 months old.
        I also have some add-ons for the TS.
        -Also, I've installed on it a BenchDog router table w/ fence about 2 months ago. It's the best router table for a table saw. It sells for about $300.
        -DeWalt (DW621) 2HP router. I have extra mounting plates for the table. A ton of router bits.
        -DeWalt miter saw 12". New sells for $299.
        -Many clamps. Several hand planes.
        -Tool stand.
        -Dove tail machine ( a cheap one).
        -Some dimensioned lumber (poplar, cherry, mahogany, maple, walnut, etc..)

        Thanks for your help.