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  • TS 3612 together and running

    Well the 3612 is together and running, it is wonderful! The new fence is the biggest and best improvement, slides great and locks without having to "push to lock". It is quiet yet very powerful. I did not have to use one of the brass shims, it went together perfectly. This purchase was well worth the wait, and considering all the trouble it took to purchase it.(Took 3 & 1/2 hours at HD to convince them that they carried it or even had it in stock!Then they didn't want to let me out of the store with it because the receipt said it was a 2424)Have seen more intelligent employees at jack in the box!

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    Congrats on latching on to a 3612. Sounds like it took a marathon effort. Although all the tool shop employees in my area HDs have been clueless about the 3612, my general impression of those folk has been possitive - willing to walk me across the store to find something when i have wandered off track, or take time showing me catalog options for special orders. I think they are just kept in the dark by their suppliers, and confused more because, if what i hear is right, the stock no. for the 3612 is the same as the 2424!

    Thanks for the info on setting up your 3612 - now I am really salivating for one - wish your HD was close to Sacramento!
    Tony<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      While it seems we've got a number of HD comment threads going--just had to add---have seen the 3612 in one HD---was half put together---they installed one wing---at least 1/16" off level with the table---classy!

      I think we can safely say that the day's of HD getting quality employees is long gone---don't know if they don't pay as much as the old days (when they seemed to have good people). Would seem to me, what with the general economy and first signs of a slowing construction industry, they could get better people.

      However, another approach is for Rigid to have more active field reps. Maybe touring an area---giving demonstrations and seeing that new tools were assembled properly. A properly assembled tool couldn't help but to generate more sales--heck, with this experience---just having the 3612 on display, instead of an overhead, would help sales


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        3621 Im new here but I noticed I am not the only one who had a bit of a problem from HD in getting my saw. I had to contact Ridgid to get the model number, stock or skew number AND the price to supply to HD. It was then that they were able to order this machine for me but it was worth the effort. So far so good..too bad that the dust collector wasnt included like it was with the 2424 model but then who dont like saw dust! So now I can retire my 50 year old DeWalt table top radial saw, yes 50 year old passed down to me, for some light duty miters etc etc.


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          Congratulations on your purchase! I am trying to get my hands on a 3612, but the people at Home Depot tell me the saw is "in the store somehere," but there is no display model. Also, no one can tell me the price of the saw. What the heck is going on?


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            Well, likely the 2424 and 3612, having the same SKU number hasn't reduced the confusion.

            More I think about it, the more it seems Ridgid needs to hire a few of us to help out. Assemble new tools, fix damaged ones---set up displays---hold demonstrations---sounds like a good job to me. Hey, Jake?


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              Originally posted by Matthew Schenker:
              Congratulations on your purchase! I am trying to get my hands on a 3612, but the people at Home Depot tell me the saw is "in the store somehere," but there is no display model. Also, no one can tell me the price of the saw. What the heck is going on?
              I just picked up my 3612 on Saturday at my local HD. I had gone on Tuesday to check out the 2424 with intent on buying it on the weekend. I then came to the Ridgid website, and there it was: the TS3612! Oh, I gotta have one of those!

              I went back the very next day to see if one could be ordered. After finding no one to help me right away (an odd occurance at our HD), I wandered over to a large shelf covered with Ridgid boxes. And, lo and behold, they had four in stock! And at the same price as a 2424! (Which is $597.00)

              I came back on the weekend, with the wifes wagon, and armed with the knowledge to look closely at the 2nd box for the saw. An earlier post had mentioned that Ridgid hadn't updated the silk screening for box 2 of 2. They have now. It clearly states that it is the rail guides (or something like that) for the TS3612.

              I assembled it in about 5-6 hours. I was really taking my time...that and it was hot. Saw purrs like a kitten and cuts like a dream. I gotta stop by the local hardwood place to pick up some more wood for those projects I've been putting off!

              Thanks a lot, Ridgid for making a quality saw!

              -Chris Silver

              P.S. I did find a few small mistakes in the manual tho.
              1. Page 16: The count of "Leg Brace (short)" should read 1 and not 2. (I wasted time searching for that piece until I looked at the picture on the box)

              2. Page 25: Under alignment of blade at 45 degree angle, the printed manual instructs you to loosen the 90 degree screw (which was previously adjusted) instead of the 45. I saw this mistake right away though. I note that the .PDF version of the manual has this corrected.

              3. Page 38: Under installation of Belt Guard Assembly. Perhaps it was just mine, but I only recieved 4 flat washers instead of the 8 shown in the manual.

              4. I guess I should stop whining! I really love this saw! And if this was all I had to complain about...hee hee


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                I paid 634.94 tax included for my 3612. In my case the store manager searched other stores to find it and picked it up himself for me after no one else in the store seemed to be able to help. Took about 5 hours to assemble and only needed a little fine tuning. All in all a good machine. Now I just wish HD would stock the accessories for it so I dont have to order and wait for delivery. He did tell me that it is cheaper to order from Ridged since when the accessories get to any HD there is a instant store markup on the item. Strange as this may sound the local Ridged rep who is in my particular store often was the person LEAST able to help me out getting this machine. He knew nothing and offered no assistance in getting this machine. All he offered me was to reduce the price of a display model 2424 by 70.00 but it had no accessory kit or manual and was very very poorly assembled.

                Ridged Company......I like your machines but I suggest your Reps get on the ball and HD stock the accessories.


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                  Question What is the best was to attach , if possible, a additional extension table to the left side of my 3612 existing extension table? Is it suggested? Can it cause and problems?


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                    While you're on the topic of the TS3612, I've got a couple questions. Has anyone had any problems with the motor not being enclosed, like on other table saws? Also there is no height adjustment lock, is this a problem? I've all but decided that I should have this saw for my birthday, one month from tomorrow! I'd really appreciate any feedback on these two questions, everything else sounds great, especially the 36" rip.


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                      Vecc---about ordering accessories---funny---seems I read just the opposite about where to order. HD doesn't charge shipping on will call orders. I can't picture Rigid selling accessories cheaper on the web---HD would be screaming. Anyway, if you need enough, it would be worth checking out.

                      JPM---the motor is never enclosed on a contractors' table saw (which is what the 3612 is). My saw is 13 years old and all I ever do is blow out the dust once a year. As to height lock---this has been discussed over and over---do a search here. With the gearing, you don't need a lock---if the height moves--you've got other problems.

                      From my earlier hint!---there's an obvious need for improved factory rep presence, from what I've seen here. From comments, it's a wider problem. Have never met a Rigid field rep, so can't comment on their abilities or knowledge. All I can say (and many years ago I did sales and merchandising in retail) is that if the Rigid reps were ever in our local HDs---it doesn't show.