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Rigid MS1290LZ Help please

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  • Rigid MS1290LZ Help please

    I have just purchased a NO. MS1290LZ 12" sliding compound miter saw. My problem is this. When I go to HD to look at the saws on display they are nice and the slide works great. When I bought one I would assume that they would be the same. But they are not, my slide feels like it is using marbles to move on, in other works bumpy and catchey not smooth like to ones in the store. I have been looking at a lot of new saws right out of the box and they are like mine rough not smooth. Is this a new run of saws, is there a way to fix this? Or should I just go buy another saw form some other brand? I call Rigid and they say take it back, but they all seem the same?
    Help now what. I need a saw. I have a lot of work comming up and if this saw cant cut it I need to find one that will so I am familiar with it before all the work starts. I have e-mailed Rigid with no answer. It's not the lock, I have that backed off 2 turns, I have used oil like they say in the pamplet, then HD said use teflon oil and I did, Nothing seems to help. I think they just used cheeper bearings in this run of saws, the first run with the life time was a good run, but this run with just the three year warrentee is using cheeper parts. Or this is what it seems to me. Since no one has an answer to the problem, it must be new to this batch which is on the storage racks in the stores now. Just bought it last week.

    Any more help out here. Shure could use some.

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    There is a knob on the side of the slide that is used to lock the slides for transport. Check that.


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      LB....check to see if you have sideplay when the head is out towards the end of the travel. With force any saw will flex, but with minimal pressure see how much flex you have. If there is a lot of flex make the adjustment in the manual. Only takes a minute. My buddy had a similar problem and that cured it. Slides nice and smooth now.


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        Well yes I have all kinds of side motion.

        1. On the slide
        2. Arbor movement

        This is just too much for me. I wanted a saw to use not have to fix. Took it back. back to looking for a good 12" LCMS