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    Hello again,
    I am in the market for a thickness planer and have just started looking. I kicked myself in the @$$ for not buying the old model Ridgid at the HD store now it's gone. I'm a little uneasy about buying their new one. Can anyone shine some light on this subject for me.

    Thanks, Jason

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    Jason----haven't heard of any problems with the new version, though a few people had problems getting replacement knives.

    In the past, the Ridgid planer has always received raves. But, I have to say, it's design is now a step or two behind the competition. Delta now has a 13", 2 speed planer, and DeWalt has two different models with 2 speeds and/or 3 knives (which makes for a smooth cut). In some cases, the Delta has been priced below the Ridgid---the DeWalts have two models--one higher and one about the same price--but do some looking. If you can find one of these newer designs for the same or less than the Ridgid, I think it would be a good move.


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      I have a lot of ridgid tools, but recently bought the Dewlat 734 planer. So far, I am very impressed. I have heard that the 2 speed Delta is simple a gimmick and not that impactful.

      I also purchased a craftsman jointer. I call it my jointer with training wheels. It wil get me by until I get a bigger workshop.


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        I bought all the blades HD in my area had. 3 sets to be spacific. I was contracted by a taxidermist, and he purchased 500 board feet of rough sawn oak. Less than 1/2 way through it, and blades have become a concern. A call to order some more, but reveiled they are on back order.

        Now I have a decission to make. Shut down and wait for blades to fit the Ridgid? Or keep going and invest in a another brand?

        I will say this; I CAN NOT afford to sit idle.

        3 months of research did me no good when corperate Ridgid decided to screw us all over. I have what I have, and that's all I have. No support, no warranty, no parts, no service, no nothing.

        I might as well have saved 70% and bought the HF disposable brand than the more expensive Ridgid, now disposable Brand.
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          woody if the blades are similar to the delta, double edge with indexing hole then you can have them sharpened at least once.


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            Porupsky said:
            I have heard that the 2 speed Delta is simple a gimmick and not that impactful.
            It's amazing how both the Delta 22-580 than the DeWalt DW735 have stolen every benchtop planer review since those two speed gimmicks were introduced. If the feed rate slows, the cuts p rinch increase giving a smoother finish....what's the gimmick?

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              I went with the Ridgid (grey model..$299 including stand and dust hood) last week at my Home Depot in Berlin, CT. They still had nine in stock....very happy.