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AC9930 -- Miter Saw Utility Cart

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  • AC9930 -- Miter Saw Utility Cart

    I have the Ridgid 12" SCMS and recently bought the stand -- the AC 9930. At $99 it was too good a deal to pass up particularly with the 10% coupon.

    I like it but would like to put extensions on it so I could establish stop blocks for repetitive cutting.

    The roller extensions are nice but unfortunately the built in stop blocks on the rollers don't go high enough with the particular saw I have. And even if I lengthened them, its still a pain to reset them for repeat cuts.

    Anyone come up with a plan to make extensions on this cart? Sure would appreciate hearing from you and a picture would be great.

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    Woops. Recehcked the picture of the cart miter saw station, that is the AC9930 and that's not the one I have. The one I have has roller extensions with leg supports built in.


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      I also have the MSUV and am very satisfied with it but, in my opinion you might be asking it to do more than it was designed to do. That's not to say you couldn't modify it to accept homemade stop blocks but the end results could be disappointing.

      By design, the height adjustment mechanism for the rollers/stop block is set by tightening the star bolt handle. Because the tightening process could cause the channel iron to move ever so slightly, setup for precise cuts would be difficult.

      IMO anyway, the MSUV is more of a jobsite accessory and wasn't designed to compete with the more accurate stationary miter saw benches.
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        Hey "JerrBitt".. where the heck did you find the AC9940 stand for $99.00...

        Having hard time finding it at all...anywhere.