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Rigid Portable Table Saw (TS2400-LS)

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  • Rigid Portable Table Saw (TS2400-LS)

    I a "weekend project guy" with limited space. Just bought a Rigid Portable Table Saw (TS2400-LS). Did I make a good choice?

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    I've had mine for a few years and if I needed a new saw it would be another 2400
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      Yes you did..

      There many magazine reviews that like the Ridgid job site saw. Infact there was an issue of Workbench Magazine that rated it #1.

      I've looked at it in the HD, and I think it's a very nice saw.

      my 2 cents...


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        You made a very good choice. I use one at the job site, and the contractors saw at home, that now sports a beizamer 52" Fence and a Bench Dog Router lift with metal wing.. "Let the Saw Dust Fly"


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          I also use the 2400 everyday on the job and think it is great. I looked at them all before making my choice and thought the Ridgid would best handle my needs. It does...
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            Just bought a 2400 also.... me thinks it's awesome for the money. Beats the heck out of Shopsmith table that I've sufferred with for years. Now I hope to add router to wing or replace right wing. Anyone done that with success ? Am new to the forum... may have missed it elsewhere.


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              From one weekend woodworker to another

              I've had my 2400 for nearly 2 years, and I think it's great. All the settings were dead on right out of the box, and performance is great for a portable saw. I work out of 1/2 a 2 car garage, and had 2 requirements: portability, so I could roll the saw around easily to make room for the car when it snows, and the Aluminum table (it gets pretty damp here, and anything cast iron requires constant care). I was in Home Depot looking at it (was also considering the Bosch), and got into a conversation with a young contractor who swore by the 2400- said they abuse the heck out of their equipment, and the 2400 outlasted and outperformed all their Bosch's and DeWalts.
              My favorite part- The rip fence: beautifully accurate, and I've NEVER had to realign it.
              Suggestion for improvement- There's just a bit of slop between the mitre gauge and the slot.
              Given my requirements, I'd buy the 2400 again in a heartbeat.


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                Loose miter gage?

                Originally posted by philz
                Suggestion for improvement- There's just a bit of slop between the mitre gauge and the slot. philz
                Use a prick punch to raise some little divots along both sides of the miter gage rail. If it gets too tight just file them down a little. If it's still too loose, make bigger divots. I believe I read this in Kelly Mehlers' Table Saw Book.
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                  What about the tape measure strip attached to the table? Has there been any problems with the number rubbing off or the metal strip breaking?

                  I'd prefer to save money while still getting a good table saw but i don't want something that'll wear out quickly.....
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