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    Here's the other press release that Bob sent me to post.

    RIDGID TS3650
    10" Cast Iron Table Saw
     Dual voltage Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) induction motor
     36" rip capacity with self-aligning fence and micro-adjust
     Herc-U-Lift™ mobility system

    The RIDGID® 10" Cast Iron Table Saw (Model TS3650) sets a new standard in table saw features and performance for the professional and serious woodworker. The all-new design features vibration dampening cast iron construction, a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor for longer life and the patented Herc-U-Lift™ caster system for easy, one-step mobility. The first in a line of new stationary and benchtop tools from RIDGID, the TS3650’s features will enhance users’ productivity and efficiency, and reward them with an outstanding quality of cut every time.

    “This is the ultimate table saw because it combines features that professionals need with innovative design, all backed by RIDGID’s reputation for quality,” said Jeff Drake, spokesperson for RIDGID. “In fact, the TS3650 was developed in response to feedback from professionals who were asked about features they wanted and needed in their table saws.”

    The saw’s 120/240-volt, 13/6.5 Amp, TEFC induction motor is similar to those used in heavier industrial applications. Its design allows the motor to run cooler while protecting it from debris, contributing to better performance and longer motor life. Machined steel pulleys and a poly-V-belt drive deliver more torque with less vibration than standard V-belt systems. The unique drive system combined with the tool’s cast iron construction enables the TS36560 to run very smoothly.

    A notable feature of the TS3650 is its Herc-U-Lift™ caster system that allows it to be positioned easily anywhere in the shop, particularly in space-starved shops that cannot dedicate premium floor space on a permanent basis. To move the saw, the user simply steps on the actuator platform to engage all four 360° rotating casters. The user then rolls the saw to its desired position, and once again pushes the foot pedal to disengage the casters allowing the saw to rest securely on its adjustable leveling feet.

    Another striking feature of the saw is its fully redesigned cabinet. The oversized base puts the controls closer to the user, making them more visible and accessible, enabling more efficient operation. The new elevation lock locks the carriage securely once the depth of cut is selected to prevent any “drift” from the desired setting.

    The saw has a 36-inch right and 12-inch left rip capacity for easily cutting beyond the center of 4' sheet materials. Contractors and woodworkers alike will also appreciate the saw’s front and rear locking, self-aligning rip fence with micro-adjust mechanism for unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. The saw’s T-slot miter gauge provides more support during crosscutting of wider stock. There is also an Ind-I-Cut™ alignment disc, which allows the user to easily and accurately align the blade with the cut line to ensure that each cross cut is perfect. The TS3650 also features a patented, lever actuated micro-heel adjustment to quickly and accurately eliminate any out of heel condition resulting in jointer quality cuts every time.

    The TS3650’s cast iron table and extensions provide a solid, stable work surface and help absorb vibration during operation. The new extension design features clamping slots, which allow for fixtures and feather boards to be easily clamped to the table top, maximizing versatility.

    RIDGID® power tools are designed to serve the needs of professional contractors and woodworkers, who demand maximum power and superior durability. Packed with high-performance features, RIDGID power tools enhance productivity, enabling professionals to accomplish work more quickly, accurately and with less effort. Robust materials and rigorous engineering maximize the tools' power, heighten user comfort, and promote longer tool life. RIDGID® is a registered trademark of Ridgid, Inc., part of Emerson Professional Tools, a business of St. Louis-based Emerson (NYSE: EMR).
    RIDGID professional power tools are available at The Home Depot in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as in industrial supply centers across the U.S. For more information on RIDGID tools, go to or for customer service call 1-800-4-RIDGID (1-800-474-3443).

    RIDGID TS3650 10" Cast Iron Table Saw
     Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor
     Machined steel pulleys with Poly-V belt drive
     36" rip capacity
     Herc-U-Lift™ mobility system
    Capacity 36" max rip to right of blade
    12" max rip to left of blade
    Max width of dado 13/16"
    Motor Horsepower: 1.5 rated, Max developed 3 HP
    Voltage: 120/240
    Amps: 13/6.5
    RPM: 3450 Dimensions Main table: 20" x 27"
    Extensions: (2) 12" x 27"
    Weight Tool: 287 lbs
     Dado throat plate
     Zero Clearance Insert
     Miter Gauge Hold Down
     Flip-Top™ work support
    Blade 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade
    Depth of cut 3-3/8" depth of cut at 90°,
    2-1/4" depth of cut at 45°

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    (TEFC) induction motor
    The new elevation lock

    There's two commonly asked for improvements that jump off the page.



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      The saw’s T-slot miter gauge
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        YES!!!! Finally!!!!! ABOUT TIME!!!! I have purposely held off buying a table saw with the hopes that Rigid would do something about the open motor and the absence of a blade height lock. I have come "that close...." to buying a Delta unit. The only thing long is this going to take to roll out; let alone becoming available in Canada? I'm willing to wait but not as long as it has taken to get the MS1290 in Canada(still not here!). Any idea if they are going to phase out the 3612? And of course...everyone is going to be wondering about the amount of damage to the old pocket book?

        Chris Berg


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          It probably shouldn't read "Ultimate" table saw unless it has a full cabinet and a 3 hp motor. Guess we'll see it when the pics roll out.

          The enclosed motor and blade height lock is a plus. So where's the pics??

          I sure would be surprised if we saw it before XMAS was gone by....
          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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            Hmmmmm? To which Christmas do you refer?



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              Entirely too many "ifs" to say yea or nay----price being a big one! If they are trying to come out with a hybrid----well, have always thought the price was way out there, for something which is still a contractors saw (as to power). Duel voltage---3612 has that----

              Hey, it may be great, though for the sake of those buying a saw, hope they don't drop the 3612----it is a good saw.

              Guess it must be taste or a hang up----there are millions of contractors saws---by definition having the motor sticking out the back----I never really gave it much thought. Blade height lock---had my Emerson saw for 14 years and never a problem.


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                I may have misread the post, but the motor will probably still stick out the back (contractors saw). The Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor (TEFC) means that the motor casing is "sealed" so that no dust can get inside of it.


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                  What is the advantage of a blade height lock?


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                    Removes any possibility of the arbor lowering by itself, due to the screw thread backing off when the saws running. Could happen in certain conditions with excessive vibration, although I've never experienced it myself.



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                      Mark---looked at release again and think you're right. But, nothing would surprise me

                      Don't think you could understand the lack of need for a blade height lock until you've rebuilt the saw with a new arbor housing----actually fun work. Design has a lot of natural resistance, let alone a heck of a gear ratio.

                      Now, if you want to talk poor design, setting the 90 and 45 degree stops used to be a real PITA until they modified the design.


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                        Dave, I admit, I have never had problems with the blade height. Quite some time ago during a thread debating the issue I took a look at the mechanism and I agree with what you are saying about it being unlikely to drift. However, for those times that Murphy's Law is right, it adds some reassurance.


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                          Originally posted by rafael:
                          What is the advantage of a blade height lock?
                          Rafael, to put it simply, i used to own an old Delta. When i put a dado in the side of a cabinet, the depth at the beginning of the cut was 3/8ths of an the other end the blade dropped so far that the dado was now only 1/8th inch deep. grrrrr ;-( had to hang a couple of heavy C clamps on the elevation knob.

                          hope that helps ya
                          <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a><br /><br />I can fix anything......where\'s the duct tape ?? :-)


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                            Thanks Ralph, I will have to watch my dadoes now. I never noticed that problem but all my dadoes have been shallow and short. Thanks again.


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                              Both of these new saws will be available in the Fall; they will be priced very similar to what the current ones are. Thanks!