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    Well Jesse, most companies have this thing called a Price Guarantee. That means that if they or anyone else) puts the item on sale within a certain amount of time (usualyl 30 - 90 days) that you can take your receipt back for credit.

    Rebates and promotions should be included in this but some companies don't so in order for a consumer to get the rebate, refund, promo items, or whatever due to them, they have to circumvent the companies hard nosed values of "We have your money, go screw yourself".

    Most people have no problem doing this at Home Depot because the help in their stores are idiotic, ignorant, and don't know squat anyway.

    If you buy something and don't care if it them goes on sale, fine, good for you. But most people like getting money back when they can because then we can go buy more stuff.


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      Well put. I will also bet that the money saved is going to go to another Ridgid tool


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        Well Guys:

        Thanks for your comments.

        I've contacted Ridgid Customer service and they advised me that the promotion is with HD and there is nothing they can do.

        So here is what i have done. I returned my planer and got a full credit. I then went down to the hardware dept. and purchased a new one (at the same price $597. + tax)and got the stand and blower attachment. Later the same day i came back to purchase something else. When i visited the hardware dept, there was my original planer being sold for $450. The manager happened to see me looking at it and said if i was interested in purchasing it he would reduce the price to $350. He said it was a demo unit that they were selling. I could not believe my ears. Know what i did? I purchased it @ $350. I came home and posted it for sale on a local newsgroup and sold it that evening for $500. Well, it goes to show you how intelligent some of these HD associates can be.

        So, i took my $150. profit, purchased some food and gave it away to a local food kitchen.

        Maybe is should make a new carrier out of this adventure


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          Since I'm on both sides of the fence I will add my two cents worth. I am an avid woodwoorker and purchase Ridgid tools. I am also a Home Depot Store manager...yes we have some stores that may in fact at times neglect the Ridgid displays..just like all of you at your places of employment have issues. We as a company do everything we can to ensure knowledgeable sales associates man our stores, however it is an ongoing challenge to keep the many new associates as well as the veterans up to speed in current product knowledge..We are your inference to all being "idiots" is just that..your opinion and will let others judge you by the tone of your message. We have very loyal consumer base and we do all we can to provide them with a pleasent shopping experience. We cannot and will not ever focus on the very few who pride themselves in circumventing the system just to get "one over" on the Home Depot. We're to busy focusing on our truly valued customers!... [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            Thanks for your comments ECoke.

            You mentioned that you are a store manager at Home Depot. How does HD evaluate their "valued customers"? Is there a corporate standard established for "valued customers" compared to a normal customer? As a major corporation I would hope that HD treats all of its customers in the same respectful manner.
            My comments were not deface HD but to advise the readers of this fine discussion forum of my issue.
            By the way guys, Home Depot still has not responded to my e-mail that I sent to their customer service over 2 weeks ago.

            Hey ECoke... maybe you can bring this up at your next HD convention.