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  • Ts2424-0

    Im new to the form and I have a problem with my table saw,I have read and reread all the threads on the 2424 and havent found an answer to my problem,So here goes hope im in the right forum.
    MY saw is dealing me a fit on the alignment.
    The saw is like new I inhereted it from my uncle as a gift and it was never used so its like new,
    when I set it up I could not get it to align with the miter gauge no matter where I moved the trunion supports, ( I have a TS Alinger)and it just wouldnt come into tolarence, so I ordered a TS 2424-1 Rear support and installed it, and that gave me the a super Reading front and back marked a tooth and was no more that a half digit out on the gauge.I was happy with that...But when I would turn the blade 45 degrees about 5 degrees on the gauge...
    I moved the blade in different spots on the arbor and changed the blade put on a new freud Blade does the same thing.
    When I shut down the saw and watch the blade winding down I can see the blade wobble back & forth, I believe the arbor is not running true.
    I called Ridgid but was put on hold for over an hour never recieved a answer hungup and called back and got a recording that they wrer closed,
    I am arfaid to pull the arbor and have it trued up because it will im sure put it to close to the blade insert...has anyone had this problem and if so whats the answer to fix it....Jim

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    Re: Ts2424-0

    if you have the ts aligner from alin*** industries, that tool can be used to check the arbor for runout. is your problem at 45* that its 5* out(i.e., either 40* or 50*)? if so, make sure there is no sawdust on the stop for 45*. this would prevent the blade from tilting to the proper setting. use a plastic drafting square to check both 90* and 45*. i always check blade settings with squares. i don't trust the preset stops. also, download the owners manual and follow its set procedures. they really are quite good.
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      Re: Ts2424-0

      No my problem is the blade wobble that I am getting at 90 degrees,actually the saw cuts fairly straight other than giving a wider kerf it is just that when I align it with a tooth on the blade at both the front and back of the blade then rotate the blade a half turn and check it with the aligner it is not in alignment,if I go back to the tooth that I aligned it with first then its back in alignment,and when I start it and turn it off and watch the blade as it slows down I can see the wobble from the blade, I rotated the blade several times and also tried several other blades and nothing changes the wobble is still there....I will check the run out on the arbor when I can get back to it ......Thanks.....Jim


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        Re: Ts2424-0

        If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds to me like you're doing it both right and wrong at the same time. If you mark a tooth at the front of the blade and take your reading then rotate the blade so that the marked tooth is now at the back then take another reading and they jive your blade is correctly aligned. In other words, you should be taking both your readings from the same tooth on the blade at both locations.
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          Re: Ts2424-0

          yes I marked a tooth at the front of the saw blade then setup my dial indicator and zero it then I rotate the marked tooth to the rear and take another reading and I get less than .001 difference I can live with that,
          But if I then take and rotate that marked tooth to the bottom of the saw and mark another tooth then zero in at the front then rotate that mark to the rear I get almost .004.5 difference, which causes it to cut a kerf wider than the tooth,which makes it hard to cut exact to the length,
          I thought it was a warped blade but I have tried 3 different blades, the last one being a new freud,
          and I can actually see the blade wobble back & forth if I start the saw then shut down and watch the blade as it slows down to a stop,I will setup my aligner and see what I have in runout first chance I get this week, I thought about pulling out the arbor and chucking it in my lathe and truing it up but I dont have a 1/8 inch clearence to the insert now
          and I am thinking it would cause me more problems then when I tried to do a 45 ....I appreciate you hanging with me on this,Cause im lost as to the cure....wonder if the old craftsman contractors have the same arbor in them as the 2424 I know emerson made em both......thanks....Jim