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Jointer JP0610 No Longer???

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  • Jointer JP0610 No Longer???

    I'm about ready to purchase the JP0610, but I found that it's no longer advertised on HD's website. I know it was before, because I have a printout from when I was researching manufacturers. So I'm just wondering if the JP0610 is going to be discontinued and HD is clearing the SKU# now, or maybe Ridgid is coming out with a newer model soon???......
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    No plans to discontinue or come out with a new model jointer. It should be available at The Home Depot store.



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      I've been to three HD's today looking for plumbing parts (don't ask - too horrible to relate). Can't leave the store without stopping by the old tool section. Each one had a jointer on display and several in boxes. I think you just have to call/drive around and you'll find one. When I bought mine, I had to go to five different stores to get one in the box. Didn't want the display model, even with the HUGE 10% discount they offered.
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        I've had one for maybe six months. It's worth the trouble to find one!! Great machine!!




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          I just purchased one from HD in Santa Maria, CA over the weekend. I found that you can have your customer service rep. at HD order one in from another store if you cant or dont want to personally search other stores in your location. They found mine for me in this manner. My local store didnt have one but found the one I bought about 30 miles away in Santa Maria. I didnt want to wait the 4 or 5 days to get one so I drove down and picked it up.

          I used it all weekend and boy was I glad I got this tool. I had an older Delta that was constantly requiring some kind of adjustment to get square cuts from day one. This tool produced square edges right out of the box and was easy to assemble. Best of all no tedious adjustments........