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Reuse ZCIs for all blades

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  • Reuse ZCIs for all blades

    I ended up with 8 ZCI blanks after using up most of my scrap wood to build them. For some reason I was thinking I would need one for each blade I have plus one for type of angle cut per blade.

    What I just realized as I was cutting a slot for my new blade is that all 3 of my blades have the same kerf (or darn close). So I wasted a ZCI blank cutting it for my new blade.

    I do not have any dado blades since I could not spend the bucks on that right now and I cut dadoes with the router any way. If I ever get dado blades I guess I will use up the other blanks.

    No question this time just an observation.

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    Re: Reuse ZCIs for all blades

    I actually need to make a couple ZCI's for angle cuts. I've never bothered with this before, but I find that I'm doing 45* miters a lot, and it'd be nice to have a ZCI for these cuts. I guess what I'm saying is don't worry, you'll find a use for those blanks soon enough!
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Reuse ZCIs for all blades

      Save the thin kerf extras. They will work fine if you buy a full kerf blade, and also for dados. I have seven different ones now for thin kerf, full kerf, molding head, and several different dado widths, as well as one for a 7 degree bevel. I also have a dozen blanks made up for when needed.

      You'll find a need for them if you do much woodworking, especially for the bevel cuts that Sandy was mentioning. Having spare blanks is a good thing!!

      Practicing at practical wood working


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        Re: Reuse ZCIs for all blades

        Thanks. I have never been able to do accurate bevel cuts with my old tools so I am really looking forward to getting the TS tuned up to do them. I will probably use up a few of them doing this.