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  • Bought a 3650

    This is for anyone curious about the TS3650. Just my.02. Well, I finally bought it a few weeks ago and it seems to be a solid piece of machinery. I haven't used it to saw much wood yet, but it was easy to assemble and passes the "nickel" test fine (although replacing the poly v belt would probably smooth it out even more). I wanted the Grizzly 1022zx, but didn't have the extra $150 (that includes shipping). So this was a tough decision: Do I go with a "proven" brand like Jet or Delta? or do I go with the rookie offering better value in the middle of a manufacturing overhaul? Well, after scouring woodworking forums and sites across the web for weeks, I found that all brands have their share of horror stories and critics. And I also found the same complaints leveled against Ridgid ( usually by non-owners), could be found leveld against Delta, Jet, Grizzly, etc. ( Although Craftsman seems to be universally hated). The clincher came, however, when I examined the Delta 36-650 TS (one of the saws I was looking at) at Lowes. IMHO the Ridgid blows it away in quality and value. The packaging and instructions are excellent; fit and finish good (although there were a couple of nicks in the paint on the base assembly); and above all, everything was machined square and needed very little adjustment out of the box. I personally haven't found the legs to be "wobbly" or inadequate and the herc-u-lift works great. I haven't had a chance yet to test the reliability/accuracy of the fence and only time will tell if customer service will be a problem. I could care less about the color (which isn't that bad) and so what if it's made in Taiwan. So is Jet, Grizzly, General International, Craftsman and many of the Delta products. All in all, I feel that the criticism's of the Ridgid are unjustified: the saw is a solid value and comparable to the other big name brands out there. Again, only time will tell if the saw will hold up for many years to come, but I am confident it will. I am not trying to defend my purchase either, just giving an honest telling of what I know. OBTW, I called a few machinery repair shops and none had anything negative to say about Ridgid (although one emphatically tolsd me to stay away from Dewalt).

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    Congrats on your new saw. I agree with 99.9% of what you said. I too did alot of homework before I bought my 3612 and for bang for the buck you just can't beat the Ridgid 3612 or 3650. The part I don't agree with concerns replacing the poly v-belt to achieve a smoother running saw. The Ridgid saws would actually run rougher if you replaced the poly v-belt without also replacing the pulleys.
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      I bought one a few weeks ago and second you on everything you said, from your analysis of other brands to the actual quality of the saw to the way all saws are viewed and reviewed.

      If anyone is paying attention, actual owners of the 3650 have had very little negativity to report, other than small annoyances which are present with any consumer product.

      I'm very happy with the 3650.


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        I too did a lot of research and tire kicking before I bought the 3612. It's a great tool that I got for a great price.
        One note of caution though. Don't ever say that you didn't like the Delta table saws, because we all know they are the best, most super duper, well priced, totally reliable and most easily serviced table saw ever to exist now or anytime in the future.
        If however, like me, you should make the mistake of questioning any of the above points, then you will be soundly thrashed and beliittled for offering your opinion, be it informed or not.
        Just thought I'd warn yah


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          I just purchased a 3650 and had to start using it before finishing assembly. I had no problems putting it together. With the exception of breaking the bracket that the blade guard pivots on. It is heavy and you do need help flipping it over. I now believe that statement. I have had the suit with the cape and large S on the shirt cleaned and put it away I won’t be using it anymore. All kidding aside I think it is a solid saw and works great. It seems to be build well and should last for a long time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please remember it is just an opinion. None of the tools discussed here or in other forums are as the use to be. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Modern business practices won’t allow things to remain the same. I just purchased a Porter Cable circular saw to replace my 30 year old 315, because I could not get parts. The new saw was cheaper than the original and works great. I have memories of Ridgid tools being used by the plumbers when my dad took me to work with him (circa mid 50s). They were tough and respected tools then and still are. If you have the time to complain about some to the things I see here and elsewhere “YA got way too much time on your hands!


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            just what the dickens is going on here
            more than us "few" actually like the 3650.....sheeeeesh.
            I may be cranky but glad not nuts
            Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em