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    Well, I'm going to be picking up a TS2424 whenever I get around to it (hopefully this week or next). I'm told that Ridgid is having a promo this fall where if you get the TS2424 you get the miter gauge hold-down clamp, dado/molding head insert, and dust collector for free. I guess I'll just buy it now and have Home Depot give me the free stuff later since they have a 90 day return policy.

    Anyway, since I'm just starting out, I'm wondering if anyone has anywhere that has free downloadable plans for making things. The main things would be a workbench and then like shelves, drawers, kitchen carts, and stuff like that.

    If anyone knows anywhere to get or see plans for free (or for cheap), post a link for me.


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    Take a look at this link:

    There are a LOT of plans on here. The only bad thing is there is no search facility so you have to browse through them. They are arranges alphabetically. For example, to look for a plan on a table, look under "T".

    It's a good start. Also, has a few nice ones. You may check out some of the other woodworking magazines.


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      They aren't free, but Woodsmith and Shop Notes magazines are really well done, and not very expensive. All back issues are available.

      I would be surprised if a free plan had the quality and level of detail these have.

      (Oh, by the way. Congratulations on making your decision! [img]smile.gif[/img])

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