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    I'm new to this forum. I just acquired a used RIDGID SS1650. There was no owner's/instruction manual. Also, the only blade with the machine is broken and the center piece is gone. Just the two pinned ends are still in the vises.

    Home Depot can't help me without a whole blade to compare and I'm unable to find any source of replacement blades for this great looking tool.

    I thank the members for any assistance they can provide.


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    Re: replacement blades

    here is a link to the owners manual

    looks like the blade is on page 26 item #56. but it just says available where you bought the saw.


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      Re: replacement blades

      I'm not familiar with that particular scroll saw but I don't think the blades are anything special. You should be able to buy blades for it at any place that sells scroll saw blades. Here's one,
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        Re: replacement blades

        It uses 5" pin end scroll saw blades. They are pretty standard and shouldn't be hard to obtain. Please by all means download and print out the owner's manual. Instructions on changing blades is in the manual starting at the bottom of page 13 and continuing through page 17. You'll need the manual for setup and more so please do download and print it.

        As for getting blades they come in different types depending on what you're cutting. A wider (front to rear) stiff blade is good for straight line cutting and a thinner fine tooth is for fast sharp curves.

        Sears should have them in the stores but if not you can order them from their web site. Be sure the ones you get are not the plain end type. You need them with a pin in each end for your saw. The package will say PIN END on it. I recommend getting an assortment. You might want to check at Sears for any books on scroll saw use and if you have a big library near you see what they have.

        Here is a link to OLSON which makes loads of blades. When you have some time, take a good prowl about their site. I think you'll find it quite interesting. The attached file is their catalog. When you do buy blades make sure you get 5 inch pin end ones. Anymore most scroll saws are equipped for use with plain end blades.

        I hope you got your saw at a good price. Sometime if you can please post about a project you made using it.
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          Re: replacement blades

          Olsen makes very good blades for a scrollsaw.Once you use them I doubt you'll buy any at the local store again.


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            Re: replacement blades

            The Ridgid saw will take pin or straight blades. Any 5" blades will work and are sold just about everywhere.
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