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    Trying to evaluate the best bang for the buck in terms of a small dust collection system. More than likely will only be running one tool at a time.

    Impressed with the Oneida but $800 bucks is a large chunk of my budget but then again, some have told me tht the cyclone is the best way to go. And with the Oneida, you can save a couple of bucks by going with the internal filter rather than the stand alone. Anyone have experince to say that's a good move or not.

    I've looked seriously at the Grizzly, Penn State, and Harbor Freight. Some say the HF is okay and others say stay away from their products.

    Okay guys weigh in and help me make a decison.

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    "Best bang for the buck", the hands down clear cut winner would be the Harbor Freight 2HP Dust Collector. I would suggest that you replace the stock bags with something a little better as the 30 micron bags that come with the unit allow too much fine sawdust to escape. This unit can be found "on sale" quite often for $149 and a pair of after market replacement bags can be purchased for under $50 bringing the unit in at under $200.
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      My research has led me to believe that it is a tossup between the 2 hp Shop Fox and the 2Hp Grizzly (with the .3 micron bag). Both are dual voltage, which allow the motor to draw less amperage when run at 240v. I opted for the Shop Fox with .3 micron top bag...2 yr warranty.


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        First, running a unit at 240v does NOT make it draw less amps. It will draw the same amps, but split between two legs of power. This is useful during start ups, when there is a spike in current draw, and also when wire or breaker size may be an issue.

        Nw, to the DC question...The HF DC is the best deal out there, and you will need to upgrade the bags. Just make sure you know what you are doing because you need to maintain the airflow ratings.

        I just bought the 50-850 from Delta and love it. Came with the 5 mcron bags standard and walked out the door locally with it for $300 including tax. ($279 on Amazon with free shipping) Another good unit is the JDS 1 1/2 HP unit with free shipping from Amazon for $299. Really, stick with a 1 1/2 horse unit and you'll be fine. anything smaller and you may regret the purchase later.


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          Mike the current does actually drop in half when you double the voltage. The power of the motor remains constant.
          Power = Current X Voltage


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            I'm with Ranimal on this one - Griz now offers a G1029"Z" with stock 0.3 mic bags for $260. It has an impeller that is 2" larger in diameter than the HF unit, and a strong motor that will turn it. It will move more air than the HF and IMO it's worth the extra money because of those performance advantages.


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              Wbrooks, When you put a machine from 120 to 240, the amp draw is cut in half, but it's because the draw is split over two legs of power.

              As an example, my 3612 is supposed to draw somewhere around 12 amps according to the book. Also according to teh book, the amp draw at 240v will be about 6 amps. Does this mean 3 amps per leg? No, it means 6 amps per leg.
              Remember, you are not increasing the power of one wire, you are merely splitting the draw between two different wires which are still at 120v by themselves.

              What you said would be true if you made that 120v into a 277 or some other single wire configuration at higher voltage.


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                This will shed alot more light on the 110/220v issue than I can offer:
                110 vs 220


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                  Thanks Heywood, couldn't find a good online reference and didn't really want to scan my old text books. This is a great reference for simple explanations.


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                    Last year when the Cummins people came to town, I gambled on their "2 HP dust collector" for $99.
                    This was during the time when HF was running a sale at $99. + UPS and one of the boards kept a thread going for like a year with 2000 posts about it. Buying out of a semi from a road crew is kinda scary , but after using a shop vac the first year, this machine is an A+! I recommend it if they come to your town this year.
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