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  • DP 1550 vibration

    I have had my new DP1550 drill press for a few months now. It has some vibration and has since I bought it. The middle pulley jumps around and make a fair amount of noise. Is this normal? It sure vibrates all the items in the little tray! Thanks for the help.

    Curtis Seebeck

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    No something it not right.
    Andy B.


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      No, it's not normal. If you haven't checked your pulley alignment (the tops of all of the pulleys should be level), you should do that. Make sure all of the adjustments/alignments in the manual are correct. I had to have them send me a new center pulley to get mine to the correct height. After that, it has been flawless.


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        Mine had a similar vibration, and even a quill movement. I had to return my DP1550 for a replacement after having it 6 months. An improperly installed bearing was the culprit, and it cause case damage.

        It should run as smooth as silk. My replacement also had a pulley alignment problem. I solved it by shimming the top motor mounts with washers. Nothing is perfect these days. It's up to us to super fine tune the things.
        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          Thanks guys for the suggestions. I did go through all the alignment proceedures in the manual when I assembled the DP. I did check it this afternoon. If I set a straight edge flat on the front pulley, the middle pulley is right towards the front and drops in the back 1/16 or so. In other words, it is not square with the front pulley. The rear pulley is almost 1/8" lower than, but square to the front pulley.

          I am also getting a lot of black "rubber dust" from belt wear and the machine does not get used a lot and is still just like brand new. I figured at first that it was just the belts breaking in but now I am not sure.

          I also checked the center pulley again for the amount of movement and it jumps all around and makes a fair amount of noise.

          As for getting it checked out...what should I do. I don't really want to return it to HD or get Ridgid to send parts unless I know for sure it is defective and I don't trust my experience enough to know wether it is or not. If you guys say it is not right then I will. (Ijust don't like to cause expense to anyone if there is nothing wrong)

          If it is bad, should I take it back to HD or call Ridgid?

          Thanks guys for the information. I really appreciate it.

          Curtis O. Seebeck


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            The three sheaves ("pullies") should all be in line with each other. I wouldn't pass go or collect $200 on any other issue until that is so, because the idler jumping and belt wear are likely related.

            Should be able to adjust them in line. I would be a little surprised if this isn't covered in the manual, because Ridgid manuals are generally the best there are. Don't have time to look on-line at this moment, though.



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              DP1550 Manual
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                My first DP had major belt ware dust in the top compartment. After only about 5 mintues run time, you could rub it off with a finger tip everywhere under the lid.

                Return it, get a replacement. It's defective. You purchased a Ridgid with a LT warrenty. Don't feel bad, they will go through it, replace parts, and re-setup the machine, and sell it as refurbished.

                You paid for a perfectly reliable, perfect performing machine. That's what you should expect. Shimming the motor and the idler pully both is a problem related to a machine that slipped through quality control that shouldn't have.

                You paid for the best, expect nothing less.
                John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>