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    Don't ya'll hate all those wimps who can't make their own decisions regarding equipment me!

    Anyone have any strong opinions about a mortising attachment for the RIDGID Drill Press? I missed a RIDGID kit on E-Bay by $1.50 This is a completly new area for me. I know nothing about this aspect of woodworking. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.
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    Greg--wasn't even aware there had been a mortising attachment for the Ridgid. Hope it wasn't like the one they sold for the Sears, at one time----what a hunk of junk.

    In any event, while I'm sure you could find one that would work for your Ridgid, I'd suggest you consider your needs. I bought a Jet drill press, precisely because, at the time, they offered a free mortise attachment.

    When I finally got it set up, found that few of the fasteners would lock down solidly and it was a real pain to set up, requiring you remmove the depth gauge and align the fence, which, in the case of the Jet, didn't even fit the factory table.

    Frankly, if you're going to do mortises, I'd say get some good forstner bits and chisels and forget the mortising attachment or buy a dedicated benchtop.


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      Greg.... If your gonna do any serious Mortise and tenon work, save yoself some grief. Get a dedicated Mortising machine. They are not all that expensive. You won't regret it.
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        I have the Ridgid mortis attachment. It's is lengthy to set up to be accurate. It's better used for a high number of mortis's, not just one or two. It will work fine, but you will need alot of patients.

        I sprung for a bench top unit until I can afford the full floor heavy duty model General makes with a tilting head for angled mortis's.

        You can get a decent one for around 200 bucks. The Ridgid will run you $70 plus shipping. Then 30 bucks each for the four bits & chisels.

        I'd sell you mine, but in the near future I will be building a table top for the drill press, which will have a fold down wing which will make doing mortis's in the end of long stock quite easy. Something that is extremely difficult to do with either a bench top or floor model dedicated mortis machine. (food for thought)
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          At LOWE'S, Delta hollow chisel mortiser model MM300 is selling for $199 with $50 mail-in rebate.


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            I got recommendations for every option when I asked for help on this site a year or two ago. I went with the mortise attachment on the drill press, and as the arguments continued to rage, wrote a paper comparing 7 different options. It is on my web site, at



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              I skipped the idea of a mortise attatchment last year after getting the same advice about the time consuming set up issues. I took a longer look at what I was trying to do and found a way to build a fairly simple jig for my plunge router & only had to in vest in a larger spiral bit. As for the corners, I just rounded the tenon.