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TS2424 Fence Rail Alignment

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  • TS2424 Fence Rail Alignment

    When I align my fence to the miter slot I have about a .007" difference from front to back (the back being a little farther away) to allow a little clearance for the back of the blade. I use the left hand slot for alignment since that is the slot I use for the blade alignment. That puts the fence almost on top of the blade.

    When I rip pieces up to about 15" wide as I clear the front of the blade I have no sound of contact between the blade and the workpiece (I like! [img]smile.gif[/img] ). However, when I move the fence out for a 20" to 24" rip, the workpiece now clips the back of the blade as I push it through (Ino like ).

    I think this is due to my fence rail(s) not being straight and parallel all the way to the end. So: 1) how do I check their straigtness or paralellism for the full length? and 2) How do I correct it? just re-shim with more of the brass washers?

    All and all, I may be hyper-critical and just worrying about nothing.
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    Check the full length of the front of the saw with a straight edge and make sure the front edge of the table is completely straight all the way across. Since the front rail bolts to this surface, if it is not straight then the rail will not be straight. Drop me an email if you find any problems.



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      I sent you an email!


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