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Source for Mahogany?

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  • Source for Mahogany?

    Does anyone know of a reliable source for a variety of hardwoods, but most especially mahogany? I am working to replicate 19th century science instruments and the wood used in the originals is often mahogany... I am unable to find it locally. Also is mahogany any pricier than other hardwoods or is it more or less the same? How is mahogany to work with as compared to something like cherry or walnut? Thanks!

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    I don't know much about mahogany, but I know it's relatively on the expensive side. Try They should ship it to you. I can't say anything about their quality cuz I've never bought from them before, but I plan on checking out their local store as soon as my knee is all better (likely pulled tendon)


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      Here is a link that could point you in the right direction. It helped me find some folks locally... [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        Here is another place to check, Ocooch Hardwoods.
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          I don't know what the price of stock is where you live, but to put it in perspective, qurt sawn white oak goes for $5 a bdft. Mahogany runs about $7.50.

          I love working with the mahogany. I worked with pattern mahogany and I think it is like working with walnut. A bit more dusty though.

          I hope this helps.



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            Outstanding results guys -- thanks much! For some reason, my searches on the net turned up nothing like this. Thanks once again -- very good sites!