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New Unisaw to be built in USA

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    Re: New Unisaw to be built in USA

    Originally posted by Mrmojo View Post
    It's good to see that Delta is getting with the program again, and the American made part is definitely a step in the right direction. The quality of their machinery in the 80's and 90's (coinciding with their purchase by Pentair) was horrible, but the slide really started in the 70's with the formation of Rockwell International---and the cost cutting that followed.

    Mark, I can take part of the blame for that. Rockwell International had plants in Guelph, Ontario, Jackson, Mississippi, and Bellefontaine, Ohio, my home town. We made most of the large stationary power tools there in the Ohio plant. I started there as a summer draftsman while going to college, and eventually was hired on full time as a designer in 1975. One of my first summertime drafting jobs was for a program called DAFI; "Design Away from Iron." We took cabinets, trunnions, and many major components and turned them into sheetmetal fabrications. All in the name of cost savings. These were products that had been unchanged for decades. It all went downhill after that. I was also the guy who re-did all the Circle-R Delta nameplates to the Rockwell rocket logo. So the old Rockwell/Delta and Delta Mfg labeled product is the good stuff.

    But we were fighting a losing battle, anyway. It cost us more to manufacture a cheap, low quality 6" drill press (which was never released, BTW) than I could go buy an all iron Asian import one from the local Farm & Fleet store. They closed the plant a few months later.

    I never knew that the Unisaw was ever build anyplace other than the US? We made it from the beginning until 1980, and then I though Pentair built them in Jackson ever since. Not so? I guess I must have head in the sand...

    BTW, who are you building boats for? I have a friend who is at Morris Yachts in Maine, and I went though their yard on vacation a couple of years ago. He was at Hinckley before that. I always wanted a boat with my name on it.
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