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    Can anyone explain why the Ridgid TS motor is rated 13 amps and all others are 15 - 18 amps? Does this really matter regarding power?


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    Big Tim,

    I have a Delta contractor saw and I believe it only pulls 12 1/2 amps.

    Bob R


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      I was just wondering if the amps were important regarding power - I reviewed many table saws with a 1 1/2 hp motor with amps ranging from 12 - 18. Just wondering if I should go for the higher amps?


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        I think it depends a lot on the type of motor. There are two types(Names are a victim of my memory lapse) but one type is more powerful than the other. Universal and ? The universal being the less powerful, I think.

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          There are two main types of motors used in power tools, universal and induction. A universal motor is a brush type motor like what’s on your miter saw. They tend to be compact motors and powerful for their size. They are also noisier and less efficient than induction motors. An induction motor is a brushless motor. It’s a more efficient and quieter motor than a universal.

          A universal motor rated at 15 amps generally does not have as much power as a 13-amp induction motor. Generally the most any 110v power tool will be rated is 15 amps due to the limits of most house circuits.



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            Different manufacturers at times play games with the horsepower and amp ratings. For example, when I was shopping for a grinder, one manufacturer said their motor "develops" 1/3 hp. Others just quoted plain hp. The amp ratings sometimes varied with different manufacturers for the same quoted horsepower. Most contractor saws that compete with the Ridgid TS series have about the same amount of power with what I have seen. Reviews have shown that the Ridgid does not bog down as much as some others. If you are shopping for a contractor saw, the Ridgid will have the power you need.