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sometimes i wish i had a different hobby

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  • sometimes i wish i had a different hobby

    Man today was rough! I had to sand a piece of walnut for a small project.. no matter what I did I could not get rid of the swirly little scratches from my random orbit sander. so I decided to work on a different project for a while and it involved planing a piece of birdseye maple... oh brother! no matter what I tried I could not get rid of the tearout!!
    I've been working all day and what do I have to show for it? a BIG headache!!

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    I know the feeling :-(, but remember when you used to struggle making a piece of pine square? Now you've graduated to fine hardwoods!

    You may have to hand sand both pieces, but for the BEM I'd try a damp rag and placing the piece at an angle through the planer.


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      Stepping up to fine hardwoods? Step up to fine techniques. For both of your troubles give a good scraper a try. Just remember even though its just a flat piece of metal, like any tool in your shop, it needs fine tune up. A scraper should be filed to have a square edge then turn over a fine lip on one edge with a burnisher (Woodcraft Item#142576). Enjoy the frustration...its better than work!
      - Tim