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Shop Vac Plug on Table Saw

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  • Shop Vac Plug on Table Saw

    I have the Ridgid Table Saw and like it quite well but I made a modification that you might want to incorporate. I cut the cable from the control switch to the motor and installed a double outlet on the switch end and on the other end installed an attachment cap which plugs into the double outlet. The other side of the double outlet is then available to plug in my shop vac. It is very convenient to have the shop vac come on every time I turn on my saw. It also makes it more convenient to remove the motor.

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    Re: Shop Vac Plug on Table Saw

    I have a TS3612 and would love to do this...can you post pics so I can see if in my head I get what you've done?



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      Re: Shop Vac Plug on Table Saw

      for not alot of money sears has this switch that will turn on 2 accessories when you turn on you're power tool.

      you can have it turn on a lamp and dust collector or in my case shop vac.

      dont have to modify anything and can use it for Table saw, router table, and drill press without doing anything more than plugging and unplugging.


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        Re: Shop Vac Plug on Table Saw

        Check what you have electrically, before you do this mod. I have tried this with my table saw (3650 at 13 amps) and my shop vac (9 22 amps), plugged into a 20-amp duplex receptacle, and occassionally, my 20 amp breaker would trip..

        As long as I keep the run times short, it doesn't trip. (I don't know the saw's switch rating) .

        As you can see, in my case, this is not a good arrangement.

        The bottom line is make sure your circuit can safely handle the total load..
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