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  • Miter vs Radial

    Last march when I started the addition to connect the back of the garage to my storage pole barn that would soon be my shop, I needed a saw, a good one. I deliberated for days, and it wasn't until I was in the Home Depot that I made my decission.
    I looked at the Dewalt 12" slider, nice, pricy at 500 bucks. I thought long and hard, should I make space for a radial saw, or just a miter. Looking at funtions I had to have a radial. But I needed a saw NOW, and dirt was the only floor in the shop then. So was it the 12", or the 10"
    When I started pricing blades, I decided on the 10", and not sorry I did. During the construction I cut several 4x6 treated poles with the 10", with ease I might add.
    Now that the shop is operational, anything that the 10" can't handle, the radial does.
    But looking at price tags, and blade price, going with the 10" AND the Radial was a fine choice. And not to mention all 3 saws: MS1060, RS1000, and the TS2424 I have can all use the same blades. Though I never put a positve rake blade on the miter. The RS & TS can share the dado set and shaper head as well.
    So when I saw the new 12" slider, and Jakes $600 price tag....which is the same as the radial...
    Naw, radial will do more, a heck of alot more than a miter. Maybe not portable, but I'm not going anywhere.
    Just my 2 cents.

    And remember...Safety first. Take all 8 fingers and both thumbs to the grave with you...along with all the little Magnetic oval Ridgid Tags!
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    Woody, I have to agree with you completely I have an old (1974) Craftsman RAS a Rigid TS2400 and a Delta 81/4 Compound mitre and there is nothing I can't handle. There is no way I could get by without all 3 saws. Dan
    info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."