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TS3612-Where's the other wrench?

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  • TS3612-Where's the other wrench?

    Don't get me wrong. I cherish my new 3612 to the point that I just about say good morning to it when I head to work. But the two grooves under the hooks on the side of the stand for my 40-year-old Craftsman radial arm saw are worn about as deep as the neuron pathways in brain from reaching for the two wrenches that live there whenever I change the blade. One for the arbor nut, and one for the slots on the arbor. I was amazed, therefor, when I got through unpacking my 3612 to find that there was only one wrench. I was further amazed that a recent magazine (American Woodworker, 9/02) under "The Latest Saw Upgrades and Accessories" thought that the two-wrench idea was innovative enought to warrant a headline. Whatever. Perhaps Ridgid will incorporate this "new thinking" into the 3612. It's pretty kludgy to have to rustle up an old shoe or something just to change the blade on this otherwise fine tool.
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    When I have to change blade on a saw that uses a two wrench system, I still only use one wrench. If you have to use more than minimal pressure to remove the nut, you are tightening the blade too much. A hard finger-tight is what I use.