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So what do new orange BS1400 owners think?

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  • So what do new orange BS1400 owners think?

    I bought one of these saws recently to replace my Craftsman 12" tilt head saw. I put it together and tried it out and then boxed it back up because I will be moving soon. It seems like a good quality saw. I bought the fence and riser block for it.

    I had some mixed feelings about the base. Although I thought the sheet metal frame felt solid when I was assembling the saw, it didn't seem to support the saw well. The saw rocked and vibrated substatially during startup and shutdown. I think I can get rid of the vibration by balancing the wheels, replacing the belt with a link belt, and mounting the saw to a bench. Are this a good ideas?

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    I also just purchased one of these to replace an old Craftsmen 3 wheel POS. I also felt that there was quite a bit of mass sitting atop such a light stand. One thing I did was to add a shelf to the stand and that made it a bit better. I still have some startup vibration but I can live with that. I was pretty disappointed with this saw until I threw away the blade that came with it and purchased a real one! It is truly amazing how much difference a blade can make on a tool. My only complaints are how difficult it is to change the blades with that left guard and how difficult it is to get at the lower adjustments. This seems to be the case with all the 14” saws no mater who made them thought. All in all I am very happy with this saw and its abilities.


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      I'll agree to most points on this saw. I think it was a good value and seems to be doing a good job for me so far. Tracking and adjustments seem to be very easy to maintain. Dust collection is good. The saw went together very well and is also well packaged.

      The stock blade was junk. I replaced it with a cheap $9.00 Delta Home Depot blade and it cut 100x's better. I can't wait to get a timberwolf blade that I have read so much about.

      The vibration in this saw seems to be most noticable at shut-off when the rpm's are coming down. One side of the saw is mounted in the center of the stand which is thin sheet metal and flexes too much. Other saws seem to keep their attachmnet points at the edge of the steel rim/edge where it is the least flexible. When installing my riser block I plan on reinforcing this part with some steel plate which I think will take 90% of the vibration out of it.


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        Link belt, Link belt, Link belt. Can't say it enough. You will be amazed what it should do for the vibration. My gray BS1400 will pass a nickle test at startup, while running and at shutdown now. As for the stand you might want to try some metal bracing at the bottom. I used some angle bracket near the bottom and in the middle and it helped alot.
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          My new saw will not cut streight. As soon as the blade hits a piece of wood it turns to the left. I have adjusted the tracking the supports the guides and the tension and it always does the same thing. It is drastic and very hard to deal with. I have used different blades and I get the same result. Any ideas? I had the older gray saw and it worked fine. This one looks almost the exact same.


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            I am getting ready to start making some changes to this saw to get rid of the vibration. When it runs for about two minutes the virbration gets worse. I have a hard time lining up the cutline with the blade. I still have to check for the wheels being out of round, and I won't be surprised if I find them that way. If they are I will have to request replacements. Has anyone done this? If so, how long of a wait? Do they make you send the others back first?

            This is my first Ridgid tool and I am very dissatisfied. I bought a lathe at the same time.

            I don't really feel like hauling the BS out of my basement and back to the store yet. That is such a PITA. This is a real lemon of a tool though. I am going to do the link belt thing and balance the wheels.


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              Just a thought, If the vibration is getting worse a couple of minutes after startup, I would suggest that you check the saw over carefully. Sounds like there is something that is loose, not properly installed or not properly adjusted. Since you do not have link belt installed, try adjusting the belt tension. It could be that belt memory is causing a harmonic vibration that increases as the saw runs. Could be the same thing with the wheels if they are out of balance.
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                I can not, nor will not speak for the orange. From the readings here, it's far worse than the grey's. I live in Michigan. Go Blue? Go Green! G0555 and don't regret much more than the shipping charge. FWIW, Ridgid should have dropped the band saw, and kept the RAS. By far, it was a more precission machine than BS could ever hope of being. And I say this because I have both and my RAS is far more accurate than any miter, or sliding miter anyone could ever hope for. And my band saw...well, you all know the story. And I've yet to get closure on it.
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                  Thats terrible you haven't had a rosolution to your fiasco. I thought is was all taken care of! I will say that I have seen other problems like yours discussed on the Laguna's website message boards. They were talking thousands not hundreds of dollars in screw-ups. But hey a couple of hundred is big bucks to me!

                  I have the orange BS1400. I might be in the minority but mine worked great out of the box. A little vibration at start-up, but with a new $10.00 blade I have been cutting a lot. I have ripped and crosscut hardwood and plywood and I have resawn 6" cherry, but that is about it and it did that well enough. I bet HD has sold 1000's of these things, but most times only the people with problems search out these BB to sound off on.

                  I have used other BS and this things measures up pretty well at 300.00. I saw yesterday someone recommend a minimax. Are you serious? If I could afford to drop 1500.00 on a BS, I sure wouldn't be looking at HD for one. I have used mine for 4 months, and so far, I have been satisfied.



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                    I've had mine for about 3 weeks. I was a little ticked off when I got an orange Chinese model instead of the grey Taiwanese model, but, for $299, I can't complain.

                    Mine runs pretty smoothly although it's a little rough at startup. Once running, I can get it to pass the "nickel test".

                    I must admit I haven't critically set it up yet. I just threw it together and have been test sawing logs from my yard. I'm pretty pleased.

                    However, toss the stock blade if you're going to do any resawing. The blade wanders and clogs when asked to resaw. I'm using a premium Delta right now and have a Woodslicer on order. I switched to CoolBlocks also.

                    I've got the riser block in, and it's doing a good job of turning some old elm logs into boards (right before I burn 'em: DED).

                    The main problems I've observed with this saw are consistency from unit to unit and QC. Not a surprise from a Chinese product. I guess I just got lucky this time.

                    BTW, there is an article in a fairly recent FWW showing how to make a plate to brace the trunnions. They have included a drawing for what appears to be a BS1400



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                      I have been working on this saw still to get it working. My local Home Depots now have the BS14001 and BS14002 saws up for $379. So I don't feel like exchanging it. Ryobi customer support called me back a couple days after my first complaint. They said their manager suggested replacement wheel assemblies. That includes the bearings and the wheels. We will see if that works.

                      Once I get the wheels I will be putting on Carter urethane tires and true them.

                      I have replaced the belt with a link belt. I had enough left over to put it on my Ridged lathe. I put a 3/8" Delta Platinum Pro (premium blade on it). I was surprised how thick the blade is compared to the stock blades and the Olson All Pro blades I have used. Pretty heavy. Felt good. Good old Delta. Can always count on them.

                      I am using the riser block. Got one of those for $35 on clearance at HD.

                      I have checked the blade tension and alignment. Can't get much better. I have also balanced the wheels as best I could with copper wire. I still get what I consider too much vibration.

                      I haven't had to use the saw for any projects. I am finishing up working on a home to get ready to sell it. So I have had the time to work on the saw in between house projects.

                      I would not really recommend this saw to anyone who thinks they are getting a good saw for $300-$400. In fact, I would not pay more than $300 for this. More money and/or work has to go into it.

                      I intend to keep this saw and I believe that it can be smoothed out. After I move I am acquiring a few hardwood heavy old school teachers desks that I intend to use as work benches and tables. This saw will be mounted to it. I am going to mount the motor on a hinge plate and let gravity hold its tension. Sort of like how it is done on the back of a contractor TS. I really think that this saw needs a ridgid foundation to sit on and the motor vibration needs to be isolated from the saw. That is in addition to all of the other things like balancing wheels and truing tires.


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                        I saw someone post Laguna owners have problems with their BS's for thousands. If any of you guys are looking at Laguna, check out Mini-Max USA. It's a much nicer machine and customer service is an action, not just the name of the department answering... or not answering the phone. You want to resaw 13" without riser blocks, you got it with the MM16. I'm not anti ridgid as most of my shop is grey and orange, but I was not going to comprimise with my bandsaw.
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                          Minimax makes premium equipment. Very impressive stuff. I have their website bookmarked so I can dream about owning some of their stuff periodically.