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  • TS3650 Dust Collection

    Does anyone know where I can buy an adapter for the TS3650 dust collection port that will connect to a standard vacuum hose (Shop Vac)?


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    TX, I'm not sure what trouble you're having. The male end of a nominal 2" I/D 2 1/4" OD Shop Vac, Ridgid or Craftsman brand should fit. I'm using an old Craftsman "slinky" hose on mine since it's more flexible, but I also have an old Shop Vac hose that fits the 3650 and is compatible with Craftsman fittings as well as the Jet 4" DC hose adapter.

    It sounds like your vacuum might not have a standard hose size. If that's the case, I would suggest buying a standard hose and leaving it permanently attached to the dust port. Then you don't have to reach under the saw all the time to connect the vac, and the adapter is less likely to be it the way when you tilt the arbor. Without knowing what hose you have its difficult to suggest an adapter. Sears does carry hose-to-hose and fitting-to-fitting adapters for standard hose if that helps. There have been many posts on this subject so you might search those as well. Good Luck!


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      Go to Lowes or HD and get one of those 'stepped' rubber vac hose adapters that fits the standard shop vac hose on one end and has another end that has several sizes to match nearly any size hose...Take care...Chris