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  • Home Depot surprise...

    Home Depot came through for me yesterday.

    I had stopped by to look at fa loor models of the Ridgid 10" compound miter saw that I own to see if they exhibited a nagging problem that I discovered on mine over the weekend (that post is here:;f=5;t=002412 )

    I spoke with the Tool Center manager and explained the problem. He asked how old the saw was and I told him that it was purchased in December but only really used this past weekend (that's 8 months). He said to just bring it back. I explained that I had since thrown the box away and that it was likely that my receipt was gone as well. He said "No problem."

    I brought it back for full credit and walked out with a 12" sliding CMS. It was between Ridgid and Dewalt. The Ridgid was $50 cheaper (not really that big a deal to me), and had a more powerful motor, larger cutting capacity, much larger table, smoother action, and included a work clamp-down. Man, they make these things enticing. I hope I made the right decision. I've had no problems with my TS3650 or my Ridgid circular saw, so I'm hoping the CMS issue was a fluke. In either case, hooray for Home Depot's customer service in this instance!