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Dewalt planer for cheap

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  • Dewalt planer for cheap

    The Lowe's near me has the Dewalt 733 planer on clearance for around $210. I know that they are coming out with a new model but I don't know (nor could find) what improvements are being made or the price point on the new one.

    Does anyone have experience with the 733, I have heard very little bad about it and a decent amount of good. Does anybody know anything about the new Dewalt model? And yes, I do like the Ridgid better than the DW733 but at this price...

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    DeWalt is still in the Woodworking tools business.
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      I am very happy with my DW733. It's the only planer I've used so I can't offer a comparison to any other brands, but $219 is a great price. Does it come with the dust collection hood? If not, it's about $35. Either way I'd get one [img]smile.gif[/img] .


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        I'm pretty sure it comes with the dust hood (nearly positive but I would check before I bought it). I'm glad to hear that you are happy with the 733!


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          The Dewalt is an older design that does not offer the same features as the competition. In my opinion the 13" Delta and the Ridgid are better machines but $210 is a good deal.


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            The Dewalt is an older design that does not offer the same features as the competition.


            It is only an older design than the new 2-speed Delta. Other than that the only real difference between the older Deltas (and the Ridgid) is that the DeWalt has resharpenable knives. I prefer the DeWalt knives over the disposable Delta or Ridgid knives. I think that the mass of the DW knives give them a smoother cut that knives I can bend between two fingers. The cost of sharpening and disposables is a wash so that is not an issue. I don't know, but if the new DW model is dual speed (to compete with the Delta) it will probably be at a competative price point with the Delta. I have no complaints with my DW733.



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              I have one as does my son. I do not think you would be disappointed. What a price!


              Mike Narges


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                I have one and love it. It is the only one I used so I can not compare. Great price. Mine was around $375 when I got it some years back. If the DC hood does not come with it, get one. Well worth the money. 4" dust port with a 4 to 2.5" adapter and it is not plastic.



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                  That price is amazing. I bought mine 6 months ago for $260 after rebate and I thought that was a steal.

                  The knives are re-sharpenable and if you look at the disposable ones, they have gone up in price recently. The only feature that the DeWalt does not have is the 2 speed, which is really only helpful in the very figured woods. The one area that could be better is the depth guage, but that can be fixed by some bending and grinding of the sight tab.

                  BUY IT!