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  • New TS 3162

    Hey Gang: Thanks for all of the help in this forum to assist me in purchasing a new TS3162 today. All of the problems re: Home Depot were noted. First store, (Turlock, CA) had the saw but couldn't find the oh so important box # 2. One hour there. They called a store about 20 minutes from me, (Modesto, CA) and they had both boxes. 30 minutes later the lads were loading it in the Tundra. All parts found and I am half way through the assembly and set-up. So far, so good. Love the Herc-U-Lift already. Will probably finish it up manana. Beefy saw and seems a great value for the money. Like the on-line registration.

    Thanks again for all the discussion. I am sure I will get years of enjoyment out of this work horse. Tommy

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    you will love this i am sure you already know. consier putting a CMT general (or equivalent) blade on it, not that the ridgid isnt a good blade but the CMT made a world of difference on mine


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      Welcome to the forum. You'll enjoy using the 3612 like everyone else who has a Ridgid TS.

      You missed out on last months great Walnut expedition to Hilmar, organised by Jerry over in Turlock.

      You'll see a few pics on my web page. Keep in touch for the next one! Although, our next outing en masse, will be to the Sacramento WW'ing show end April. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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        Thanks for the friendly welcome, encouragement and suggestions. OK on the CMT blades. Went to their site and looked around.

        My neighbor has a bunch of old redwood siding that measures a full 12" wide and a full 1" thick. I have made some dandy bluebird boxes per the NABS suggested plan, with my pal Phil's Delta table saw. It will be even more fun making them with my own saw.

        I have a mated pair looking at one of my boxes now. First time in 11 years, here at my place that, I have seen Western Bluebirds. IF I can keep the English Sparrows from bugging them, I may just get some fledged this Spring.

        I have never been to a WW show so that Sacto venue may intrigue me into it.