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  • Craftsman contractor table saw

    I have the 113.299510 Contractor Table Saw it has the Arbor that is not the same diameter over the whole length.

    I understand that Ridgid may have a replacement shaft that fits this saw that is the same diameter over the whole length.

    I sent an E-mail last week to Ridgid & followed up with a phone call this week & left a message for I believe it was either an engineer or product manager.

    I consider this a kind of test for Ridgid.

    I was informed on another forum that Ridgid had a fix like this for another persons Craftsman saw but don't know & wasn't able to find out if it was the same model.

    There are some tools that Ridgid makes that are on my list to purchase, but like I said this is a test to see if I at least get an answer.

    So far I have not received a E-mail or phone call.

    I would like a fix for this problem but if they don't have a fix I can understand that.

    So I am just waiting for that E-mail or phone call.....

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    Darn I\'ve stretched this board 3 times & it\'s still to short.

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    This subject has come up frequently. While you should have received an answer, as I understand it, Ridgid shies away from selling their parts for Sears tools, even though they did make them. I think it's a contractuial issue.

    Anyway, before I'd read about this, I'd sent off for the arbor assembly (includes the housing, bearings and arbor, all assembled) from Sears for $65.00 plus shipping, for my 1989 saw, which was starting to show signs of bearing wear.

    After reading about the differences---sure enough, the old arbor wasn't even----however the new shaft, on the one from Sears, was the same diameter.

    Figure you'll probably just have to order from Sears.


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      Common decency & good manners would dictate that Ridgid at least call or E-mail & say that they don't have the part I am looking for.
      Darn I\'ve stretched this board 3 times & it\'s still to short.


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        Well----I'd have to agree, but the reality is that a lot of times companies with overall good products and good customer service screw up. But, I think the answer I gave you is what Ridgid would have said. I'd simply order the arbor assembly from Sears----if you can't get it from them, for some reason, I'd go back to Ridgid.


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          Thanks Dave

          I think I'll just go with the new Router bits I purchased. 9 bits 1 each 1/4 1/2 3/4 & then 1 each oversized for Melamine & 1 each undersized for plywood. For approximatly $43

          Then a few years from now I purchase a Grizzly G1023SL Grizzly

          Yep I think that a pretty good saw.

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          Darn I\'ve stretched this board 3 times & it\'s still to short.


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            Bart, I'd hang in there and see if you do get a response, although I'm sure that Daveferg hit the nail on the head when he suggested that they will tell you to go to Sears. I had a similar experience however in my case I took the chance and ordered the parts from Ridgid anyway (not the arbor by the way).

            I us the internet a lot in research for my job, it has been my experience that whomever the questions are e-mailed to, does not always have just that job to do, so sometimes I get an immediate response and sometimes it's a week or two, for the most part I can not recall never receiving a response. One took almost a month but I did get one, and they say the internet is faster than the US Mail.

            Considering the fact that I should know who answers general mail to the company I work for I don't, for all I know we have a mailbox full of general info requests, (hmmmmm maybe I should check into that).

            Update this if you get a response, maybe it was Jakes job and the new guy hasn't started yet or is still trying to get to this part of his job????

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