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  • new homework assignment!

    OK, looked at the pricing of the new tools on line. The prices are up there on a few things, so what are they actually selling for in the store?

    The new 3650 is listed at $60 more than the 3612 was.

    Bandsaw is $35 cheaper at $415 but still does not come with any goodies.

    DP1550 is $50 more. At $299, it was a great choice, hands down. Now at $50 more, one starts looking at Jet and Delta.

    The lathe was a joke at $299, and now that the same item is $350, it is not even worth discussing. The bed isn't stable enough, it takes a #1MT vs the more standard #2 and a Jet or Delta midi lathe with extension does a better job for less.

    Jointer is listed at $469, an increase of $20

    12" CMS listed at $349, an increase of $50. I saw a flyer though for $299

    14.4 and 18v 3/8" drills are listed for $182 and $223 respectively. while the 1/2" versions fo the 12v, 14.4, and 18v are $173, $215, and $278.

    Last, what's with teh $125 price on the charger. For $125, I bought a DeWalt radio/charger that does a whole lot more than just charge batteries.

    Based on the $50 price diference of the 12" CMS, I'm assuming that prices will be lower in stores, so if you know what some of the price points are, please share them.

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    You probably will need to wait until the tools are actually available before the real sell prices become known. I've seen two different prices so far on the 10" CMS w/laser and there was a $50 difference between the two.
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      I was in my local HD yesterday and they had the 3650 on display. The price was 597.00, the same as the 3612. I spent some time looking over the saw and was really liked the looks of it.