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    Jake, got a question for you. Was in HD the other day looking at the Bandsaw with the Riser block. I almost picked it up till I went searching for blades and found that they didn't have 1 blade or even a location for a blade that will fit the saw once the riser block has been installed. I was told by the salesman that if I want to use the riser block I had to order the blades from the RIDGID website. Any comment. I've only found one location so far that carries that size blade and they are expensive and over an hour drive away. Does that riser block make that saw use an oddball size blade?

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    Allen, I'm not Jake (which probably makes Mrs. Schnarre real happy)...

    Look for a company with Tool in it's name in your phone book, or call a local cabinetshop and ask who around you can make up a bandsaw blade. There is no such thing as a "standard" size blade. Blade stock is purchased in huge rolls, and cut and welded to any size desired. Probably for a lot less than Home Depot would have wanted anyway.

    I don't have a Ridgid bandsaw, but I'd be a little surprised if the blade length with riser block wasn't 105 inches.



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      Anybody is willing to correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it is either 103.5 or 103, hmm sounds like a temperature. The only carry one bandsaw it would seem like they would carry the only 2 sizes of blades to fit them. I'll check on the made blades though. For some reason I don't mind ordering table saw blades, but would rather pick up bandsaw/scrollsaw blades and the paper for their oscillating sander locally, guess it's just the fact it's easier to break/wear out those than table saw blades.


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        Don't know if this works at all Woodcraft stores, but I have a very old (cast iron) bandsaw that takes a 73-3/4" blade. My local Woodcraft orders the blades for me, charges me a price that is equal to their off the shelf blades, and has them mailed directly to my home for a few bucks postage.

        Find the saw you like and getting a variety of blades will be easy.



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          Try I know they carry almost every size blade in their catalog.


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            Not sure about the Ridgid (I have the Delta), but most 14" BS with risers use a 105" blade - both Delta and Jet. If you need a special size made, these people will make any size you need.

            Bob R


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              The RIDGID BS1400 with the riser block is a 105" blade, which is a somewhat standard sized blade that should be available in any woodworking store.

              Don't scared away by the fact HD doesn't carry that size blade. There should be a number of places that carry a 105" blade or can custom make on.



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                Do your self a favor and buy Timberwolf blades from Suffolk Machinery
                Best bandsaw blades going. They also have some great BS info on the site.


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                  Thanks for all the advice, but my wife has decided that I need to invest into an air cleaner first. She doesn't mind me working out there, but she hates coming out to visit with all the dust that the DC doesn't catch.