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    Now that I am back up and running with my replacement oscillating/belt sander I find I really do need some more sleeves, particularly in the finer grits. Just spent almost 2 hours searching for replacement sleeves and I am stumped. Can someone tell me where I can find some of the fine grit sleeves? The belts are easy enough to find at Home Depot but why is it so difficult to find a supplier of the sleeves? Thanks....Murray

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    Just saw sets of drum sleeves at HD the other day.
    They were available in 50, 80 and 150 grit. Package said Ryobi (new maker of spindle sander). However, I hadn't seen them at any other HD stores around town.

    Don't know if supply would be different in US. Usually you have an easier time getting supplies in US HD stores than here in Canada of course.

    You can order them through RIDGID Parts 1-866-539-1710

    Here are the part numbers

    AC7001 - 1/2" Fine Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7002 - 1/2" Medium Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7003 - 1/2" Coarse Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7004 - 3/4" Fine Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7005 - 3/4" Medium Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7006 - 3/4" Coarse Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7007 - 1" Fine Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7008 - 1" Medium Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7009 - 1" Coarse Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7010 - 1-1/2" Fine Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7011 - 1-1/2" Medium Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7012 - 1-1/2" Coarse Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7013 - 2" Fine Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7014 - 2" Medium Sandpaper Sleeve
    AC7015 - 2" Coarse Sandpaper Sleeve

    I also see aftermarket sleves at woooworking shows.

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      I dont know if you are familiar with Supergrit or not, but I have ordered belts and discs from them before and have been pleased. They do not show spindle sanding sleeves in their online catalog but as I remember, they could get them by special order. Let me know if you are successful, I will need some myself in the future.

      Hope this helps,

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        I have bought sleeves from James Utley and his Ebay online store. If he doesn't offer what your looking for in his store, Email him. I have on several occasions and has the Ridgid part I needed, and very reasonable I might add!
        Here is his Online Store: Ebay Store
        He's honest and we have done business for nearly 2 years. I highly recommend Jim.

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          Might look at this site:

          I've bought from them before and always had good luck with their products.



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            Supergrit does have sanding sleeves but you have to have them email you their catalog. They are not in their online catalog...

            These sleeves are made from ridgid, resin bond, Aluminum Oxide cloth with smooth spiral joints. Please specify grit; 50(coarse), 80 (medium), 120 (fine). Other grits may be ordered in 25 piece minimum quanties.

            OSS.5 - 1/2" x 4 1/2" Sandpaper Sleeve $.75
            OSS.75 - 3/4" x 4 1/2" Sandpaper Sleeve $.85
            OSS1.0 - 1" x 4 1/2"Sandpaper Sleeve $.90
            OSS1.5 - 1-1/2" x 4 1/2" Sandpaper Sleeve $1.00
            OSS2.0 - 2" x 4 1/2" Sandpaper Sleeve $1.15

            Go to their web site at, go to the online catalog, choose order from paper catalog and enter information.

            I called them at:
            Red Hill Corporation
            PO Box 4234
            1540 Biglerville Road
            Gettysburg, PA 17325
            Tel: (717)-337-3038
            Fax: (717)-337-0732