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    Ridgid can't be totally deaf: I've been away for a couple of weeks and now notice that they've done away with the blinding white background.

    Sticking around doesn't mean that you like or accept the changes that are going on. Leaving means that you have no interest in trying to influence them.


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      Only color-blindness... if the things work and represent the best value for the money, I'm buying 'em. Since they aren't out yet, in my area (supposed to debut tomorrow), I can't vote for 'em, and don't understand voting against 'em.

      Nor do I understand all the bitter farewells. One can just stop posting and reading for a while, to see what happens with the tools and the forum. Seems pointless to burn the bridges, however. I'm sure you'll be welcomed back if you change your mind.


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        Well I can fully understand the rationale for being pi**ed off with Ridgid because of the awful expamples of the present Customer Service.

        I've seen the CMS's. The color isn't offensive, its even less bold than the old color on the CMS's. They look extremely well designed and built. They do not use the same parts externally as Ryobi.

        So other than the Customer Service, what's to be so upset about?? Since none of us has yet seen the full product range, what has Ridgid done to create this exodus??



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          I'm also glad they changed the background----a bit easier on the eyes.

          As I've said before, I'm willing to wait around and see what happens. Will be interested in both my own apprasial of the new line, others' views and magazine reviews.

          But, will still drop in on occassion. There are still a few good tool/ww'ing discussions and I do enjoy the speculation on changes!