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  • Have to say GoodBye

    For the most part, I really don't have anything postive to offer about the Ridgid machinery at this point. I also don't like the site colors, it's too harsh. So instead of posting, I've just decided to say goodbye.

    The warrenty and customer service I went 5 years in debt for are gone, I feel as though I bought a dead horse.

    I'm sorry everyone, but with the recent dealings with my band saw motor has left me quite bitter, and won't easily, or quickly go away.

    So instead of continuing beat that dead horse, I'll leave it for decay.

    Goodbye all.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    Sorry to see you go. I always enjoyed reading what you had to say. Can't say I blame you though. I have felt the same way many times recently, but for some reason I still keep logging in.


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      Consider that if all the pressure leaves this forum, Ridgid will neither have reason to wake up nor will they or any one else get any critical feedback.


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        Sorry that you feel that way. The web site colors and the new look of the products are a personal thing for all of us, and in the grand scheme of things not that relevant really.

        Where I will totally agree with you, is on the abismal customer service that has enschewed over the past 3-4 months since the OWT partnership announcement. From a Customer Service operation which was exemplary, and much lauded on this and many other forums, it has now sunk to one of the worst in the industry, and that in just 3 months!

        Poor OWT management with very little understanding of the mid-range stationary tool business is undoubtedly the prime reason. How the existing Emerson/Ridgid personnel must feel I cannot imagine.

        Your own appalling example seems to be replicated by so many others, and unlike in Jakes time, poor Bob under the new regime seems impotent and unable to have any input to correct these customer concerns.

        The latest pricing shows that the NEW Ridgid line sits right up there with the big boys. Unlike their Ryobi downmarket-price driven line, this area of the market is far more reputation and service driven. If OWT and it's parent TTI, doesn't get it's act together within a very short while, they may be surprised at the markets poor acceptance of this range.

        Bob Freitag of OWT may like to comment on the very negative feelings so many long time supporters of Ridgid have expressed in recent times.

        Best of luck John as you go forward. Do try and remember, these are only tools, and really in our dotage years, there are many more important things that we should be enjoying.



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          That's too bad. Well, the 'net is a big place, hopefully we'll run into to each other elsewhere.



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            I'm sad to see you go but I feel like yours is not the last post to that effect that I read. I saw the new miter saws today and am sad to report they are very ugly and pretty much carbons of the Ryobis they sat right next to in the display.

            If the customer service is no good by this time (after a supposed two years of developement) then we have a problem...CYA on Woodnet....
            Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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              Woody---while we often don't agree---will still miss your efforts and insights.

              While I have always felt the old "lifetime warranty" thing was never one of the strongest selling points, so no great loss.

              But, if you had troubles over a motor or if any of us had trouble getting aftermarket parts----than I'd say this change has left us all loosers! While woodworkers never agree on much, you'd get 100% support for a company that provides good customer service. These people better wake up!


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                Well after what I suggested to Woody, I'm cutting out also since I won't be buying any Ridgid tools for a long time and I don't like being negative or commenting to a deaf audience, Ridgid/OWT. For those interested in good, constructive, non-Ridgid woodworking discussions, please join Rafael and the rest of us at Please, no Orange.


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                  Originally posted by squid:
                  For those interested in good, constructive, non-Ridgid woodworking discussions, please join Rafael and the rest of us at Please, no Orange.
                  So, because I choose to still be a part of this forum, does that mean I now must forfeit my membership at The Wood Cellar? Your "my way or the highway" attitude belongs at neither site.
                  I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                    Hate to see ya leave.

                    If ya got to go, ya got to go.

                    "See" ya on one of the other sites............
                    Support Our Troops!


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                      As you know I maintain and am glad that you contribute there. However, I still use ridgid's site because it is good and has much to offer. I hope you will see this site's value and continue to contribute here as well. I will respect you either way you choose.


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                        i too hate to see ya go. learned a lot from you and will miss your inputs. hopefully you might look past the piss poor treatment and stay here for the love of woodworking? you are not necessarily supporting ridgid by staying. but if you choose to go, i will miss you
                        \"A SHIP OF WAR IS THE BEST AMBASSADOR\"<br /><br />OLIVER CROMWELL


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                          OK Badger Dave, I've had enough of this Ridgid bashing and Orange delight, if I can't escape it for good woodworking information exchanges I'll be hapy to bow out. I don't need this crap in my life. I'm out-a-here, good luck.


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                            I Wish you the best.
                            Andy B.


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                              I'm going to follow him...I have nothing good to say either and besides the tool talk, there's very little going on in this forum.

                              I'm not planning on any orange tools in my shop and certainly not on the job. There seems to be a blindness here....I don't understand it nor do I want to.

                              Good luck to everyone with the new stuff...I hope it works out for you.
                              Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>